How long can ruin a vacation

On how not to be the debtor at the airport and how to leave the country with debt, if time is running out.

How long can ruin a vacation

Who and when closed travel abroad

How long can ruin a vacation

The reasons for which you may be prohibited from leaving the country, a few. The most common - the debt of any kind: administrative fines, including traffic police, alimony, overdue on the loan and the debt for utility services.

If debt payment is late, and the bailiffs have already initiated enforcement proceedings, the debtor closes leaving. That is, you can enter anywhere, but you are the offender in his own country, and here you will not be released.

In order to become restricted to leave the debtor sufficient

  • have a total debt of more than 10 000 rubles. (It can emerge from multiple debts of up to 10 000 rubles.);
  • have instituted enforcement proceedings in his regard;
  • without a valid reason to miss the deadline for voluntary execution (five days of receipt of the judgment).

Resolution bailiff imposed for up to six months. Within six months from the date of a ruling by means cancellation of restrictions on leaving the debtor, but by order of the bailiff limit can be prolonged.

At the moment, the State Duma adopted amendments to the law "On Enforcement Proceedings", according to which the amount of debt of an individual, in which the border control authorities have the right not to release it abroad increased from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles. and more. The law takes effect October 1, 2017. However, the amendment has limitations: the debt threshold of 30 000 does not apply to persons who pay child support, or property damage, as well as financially compensate personal injury to another person. For this category of people as long as possible remains the same - 10 thousand rubles. Important: If you ever have appeared in the list of debtors of any of the parameters, then in any case when leaving the country to take with the receipt of the termination of the enforcement proceedings.

Check whether the duty is

How long can ruin a vacation

To begin, the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) to send the debtor a notice to the address of registration to initiate enforcement proceedings against him. Regardless of whether he lives there or not, I read the letter or not, shall be deemed given as soon as the postman will throw it in the mailbox.

To verify the debt, just go to the website of FSSP and check all the information in a special box on the home page. Enter the full name, date of birth and / or registration number SP if you are a sole proprietor.

To a situation like the one above, do not occur, check in advance its debts.

About traffic fines and court debt that can be found on the portal of public services, as well as on the portal "autocode" (registration required).

The site of the Federal Tax Service of TIN number turns arrears of payment of taxes.

Availability of debt for utility services is reported by management companies (online or over the phone). There, on the site it is possible the debt and pay. If this is not possible, we can proceed in another way: to find out which bank provides services to payment of utility bills, and pay the debt through a personal account on the website of the bank. For example, in Moscow, this service provides the Bank of Moscow, and the provision of any information in Moscow, you can refer to the official website of Moscow Mayor. In St. Petersburg, the most convenient would be to pay off municipal debt through the site A3 payment service. If you have overdue bank loan, you should apply directly to the Bank. And its overall credit history is easy to find in the credit bureau, information about it is requested on the website of the Central Bank of Russia.

Important: From a legal point of view it does not matter who and how much you have to - it is important, limited usher your travel or not. From the moment of the debt before his admission to the bailiff may take from several months to several years. Enforcement proceedings initiated only by court order.

Payment of debt

How long can ruin a vacation

According to the law on payment of the debt is given five days after discharge bailiff's order, and then leaving limited. If yours has a duty and you know how much and for what should pay it as soon as possible by bank card on FSSP website.

The second payment option - payment terminals: QIWI, WebMoney, "Yandex. Money". Here it is necessary to select the section "Payment Service", then go to the "Penalties, state duty", then choose "FBS" and enter the number of enforcement proceedings.

The third payment option - department or the official website of the Savings Bank. In the first case, you will help the bank specialist, in the second you need to install the application "Sberbank Online" and in the "Transfers and payments / payment for goods and services," select "FSSP Russia".

And the last option - pay the fine personally into the hands of the bailiff. In this case, you get a receipt for debt repayment with the official stamp of the FSSP.

And most importantly, it is now necessary to usher withdrew its restrictions on exit. Important: Keep in mind that for holding the commission payment to the various resources can be 1-3% of the total. The site of Sberbank procedure is free of charge.

After payment of

How long can ruin a vacation

After payment online you do not have to personally appear to bailiffs for the transmission of documents and confirmation of the incident. However, you can expedite the process by contacting the FSSP on the phone and read the number of the payment receipt.

Enforcement proceedings will be closed only when the funds will go to the department by the bailiff and to obtain documentary confirmation of your payment. It may take two to three weeks. Plan your trip in advance, taking into account these circumstances.

Important: What if you're already at the airport? Customs Service checks all citizens without exception to the restriction on departure. Many airports are payment terminals for such situations. But this, unfortunately, will not help you fly abroad and pass on the terminal. As already described above, to solve the problem at once will not work.


How long can ruin a vacation

There are several ways to leave Russia with debts. However, each of them is a risky and remains on the debtor's conscience. Methods of these border crossings in those countries where there is no border control with Russia. All that can then check for the tourist on the border - not whether it is in the base of the international investigation.

Between Russia and Belarus there is an agreement of the Union State, according to which citizens of both countries can freely cross the border on internal passports. As between the two countries there is no single database of debtors, one about your debt can not learn. This option only works when the overland border crossings: by car or by train. It should be borne in mind that the agreement will not last forever, the recent negotiations on the resumption of border control. If you have a valid Schengen visa, you can cheat as follows. Buy a ticket from Moscow to Kaliningrad, but get off the train to Vilnius and from there fly to the desired destination in the world. Option is not the cheapest, but definitely the bypass.

* The rest of the reasons why people can not let go of the country:

- involvement of state secrets or storage need compulsory military service;

- appropriate judgment within correctional punishment;

- criminal prosecution;

- the presence of a failure of one of the minor's parents to let him abroad. In this case, you will need a certified copy of the authorization from both parents.