Scientific advice: how to survive a nuclear explosion

• Scientific advice: how to survive a nuclear blast

All concerned the growing number of nuclear weapons, and not difficult to guess why.

Scientific advice: how to survive a nuclear explosion

It should be fair to say that if at least one nuclear bomb is dropped on your city, or all the world's nuclear bombs will explode at the same time, it is highly unlikely that you will survive. It is unlikely, but still there is a chance, so you will not be superfluous to find out what to do in case of a thermonuclear explosion.

Well, firstly, it is necessary to prepare. You need to discuss with your loved ones all the escape routes. Select several places on the outskirts of the city, where you can meet after the incident.

Arrange the cache, which you can use in case of danger. The cache must be in bottles of water supply, warm blankets, canned food, a radio and a first aid kit, especially if someone in the family is unwell. If you have a reliable cellar or basement, make sure that there can be free to go down and it has everything you need for the first time.

It is important that you need to know about training, and now, what to do directly in the explosion.

Stay away from the blast radius, it is the most dangerous place, there is nothing and no one will survive. Even the hopper will not save you.

You must be at a distance of more than 5, 7 km2 from the epicenter. Avoid areas that may be potential targets for nuclear attack.

Let's say you are far enough and you see a bright light, when a nuclear bomb explodes. Do not look at the flash - or go blind, as it will be similar to the artificial sun, which is much closer than the actual. Remember, you must move away from flash and not to look at her. If you are in a high-rise building, run deep into it and take cover somewhere out there. You will have only a few seconds before the shock wave will wash. Let us hope that this building will be far enough away from the explosion, and he was not razed to the ground. Do not stand near windows, as you can riddle broken glass.

Close the ears with his hands. If the shock wave powerful enough, your eardrums can not stand and burst.

If the building can stand, you need to stay in the back of it for a few hours, maybe even the whole day. Thus, you will be protected from ionizing radiation and the resulting cloud of radioactive fallout, they do not penetrate to you through so many layers of concrete or brick.

If you're not inside the building, you can have problems. If you inhale air contaminated with radiation, you'll be amazed radiation sickness. The best thing you can do is find somewhere indoors where no one will penetrate the air from the street. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Radiation contamination is particularly difficult to avoid, but we hope that the wind will blow in a different direction.

According to mathematical calculations, if you're far enough away from the center of the explosion, but are in a precarious shelter, it is better to flee to a more secure place - you will have no more than 30 minutes to do so, otherwise lethal dose of radiation is provided to you.

After the explosion, radiation levels will be extremely high, but after a few hours after the explosion, it is much reduced. The outside world will still represent an incredible danger, so you will need to move on, to leave places contaminated by radiation. But as long as the radiation particles will settle, you have to wait at least 12 hours before leaving the refuge. If possible, remove outer clothing such as a coat or cardigan - this will remove up to 90% of the radioactive particles deposited on you and can save you from the danger of death. Just leave clothes anywhere or throw it in a metal container to stop the radiation.

Once you find yourself at a sufficiently safe distance, take a shower to wash off the remaining radiation particles. Clean the nose and wipe the face with a clean, damp cloth.

If an explosion caught you on the street, fall down prostrate on the ground, cover your head with your arms. It is better to take refuge behind a metal object or structure, it can protect you from radiation. Once all dies down, do your best to escape the fallout.

If you survived the explosion, do not relax. You still have to go through a post-apocalyptic terrain, marauders confront and try to build a new society. Good luck, survivor!