Celebrities who are "cut" from the movies

It often happens that many scenes from his cut when working on the film. And do not think that is removed only those episodes in which no one starred well-known actors. Idols suffer no less frequently. Hollywood is teeming with stories about the most ridiculous reasons why actors are cut from the film, and a bad game here there is nothing.

Shailene Woodley just got in the way - "The new Spider-Man. High Voltage "

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The incomparable Shailene Woodley was supposed to play the role of Mary Jane Watson in the film. Already shot a few scenes, and Mary Jane was ready to turn the world upside down Peter Parker, but then it was announced that Mary Jane is cut out of the story that the creators were able to focus on the relationship of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

The game Chris Cooper was too good - the horror film "Call"

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It was assumed that the film will take part, Chris Cooper, who will play the role of a serial killer. But it is very charismatic villain turned in his performance, and the creators of the cut scene with his participation. This is what happens when the director invited the winners of the award "Oscar" in a pointless remakes of horror films.

Paul Rudd are not looked at as a "idiot" - "Bridesmaids"

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The star of the film "Ant-Man" Paul Rudd got the role of a guy named Dave, on a date which is sent Annie (Kristen Wiig). The pair goes to the rink, Dave falls and turns into a romantic rendezvous for the poor guy a broken nose. On the test screenings viewers to take a cold character Radda. Apparently we used to see him in a more priglyadnom light in most of his other roles. We decided to delete the scene.

Richard Gere smeared mustard Stallone - "The Lords of Flatbush"

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Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone both invited to a role in the film "The Lords of Flatbush", but the first one did not stay in the film because of the mustard.

As the story goes, during the lunch break on the set of Gir I was in a car Stallone and ate a thick sandwich. He stared at him with his teeth and squeezed yellow mustard sauce that plopped right on Rocky knees. Stallone did not like it, they say, there was even a small scuffle. After that Stallone director nominated ultimatum - either I or he. The director chose Sylvester. If you believe the tabloids, actors still do not like each other.

Stuart Townsend looked "too young" - "Lord of the Rings"

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The day before we started shooting the film's director for some reason decided that Aragorn, who was invited to play Townsend, should look a little older, and the role given to Viggo Mortensen. Stuart was a serious cause for dissatisfaction, as it is many months rehearsing the role and studied the battle with swords, ready to shoot.

James Purefoy did not realize that his character is necessary to wear a mask - "V - for Vendetta"

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James Pyurfoya, performing the role of a mysterious character in the film, was replaced by another actor in the early stages of filming ... because he did not like to wear a mask. Did he not read the script? Surely, he should think about it in advance. Perhaps Purefoy thought he would be able to persuade creators to change the original image of the hero.

Ryan Gosling stouter - "The Lovely Bones"

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Actor Ryan Gosling, who was supposed to play the father of the main character, was replaced by Michael Wahlberg. And all because of the fact that he is too far from the ... ice cream. Gosling to work on this project scored the extra kilograms of weight. Apparently, he thought he was too young for the role of the father, so he purposely gained weight in the hope that it will look older. But the director, Peter Jackson, apparently decided that the actor does not look older and thicker than necessary, and found a replacement for him.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was convinced that his character should look like intergalactic kickboxer - "Predator"

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Few people know that the original alien from the movie "Predator" looked quite different than in the final version of the film. After all, this role was invited by Jean Claude Van Damme. But the vision of the hero, the actor and producer Joel Silver was different. If we believe Hollywood legends, Van Damme was obsessed with the idea that the Predator - it is a kind of intergalactic kickboxer and did not want to play it differently. Kevin Peter Hall played the role of the Predator Van Damme instead.

cameo Liam Neeson has been given to another - "Bachelor Party 2"

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When Mel Gibson was removed from the role in the film, because ... well, you know, he's Mel Gibson, director Todd Phillips took over the role of Liam Neeson.

The participation of the actor in the film promised, no doubt, good luck. But after Neeson played a role, the director decided to reshoot the scene. Only here the actor at the time was already busy on the set of another film and so was unavailable. Phillips was forced to replace it by Nick Cassavetes, the director of "The Notebook."