Child's adaptation to kindergarten

• The period of adaptation to the child's kindergarten

Child's adaptation to kindergarten

The Company has adopted that as soon as the child turns three years old, he is already "independent" enough and ready to to start a new life - not be completely tied to his mother. And there began a period dating from the kindergarten.

However, this statement is not quite true: like any adult, a young child - a personality, individuality. You can not go and say to you three years, and now you go to kindergarten.

There children are more sociable, open, fast and easy to master in any company, and getting used to the new conditions and circumstances. These guys can start to familiarize with a garden even before the age of three, they quickly get used to. But not all kids so easily and seamlessly manage to disrupt the rhythm of your life. There are crumbs, whose relationship with his mother is so dense that they can not spend an hour without his beloved and dear person. Unfortunately, the adaptation period passes very hard, tears, tantrums, failure of power, sleep disorders, diseases and frequent t. D.

Child's adaptation to kindergarten

What is adaptation? It is, in other words, a kind of process of getting used to something new. It happens that it is impossible to get used to, and the child simply resigns himself to the situation and in kindergarten because of "so necessary". And now let's look at an example of an adult. You've come to a new team, for example, shift work. Only new work completely unfamiliar. Not only that, you are surrounded by still unfamiliar to you people have the head, with the habits, character and temperament which you have not yet had time to read, and you are in a new environment, the rules ... If more briefly - you all unfamiliar.

The first time you try to get used to grasp and understand. Do you know the status of it, when the covers despair, hopelessness and an incredible desire to quit. You remember? Presented? Only an adult is easier, he knows that sooner or later, but be sure to consult with each other and learn to feel comfortable around that was so uncertain a couple of months ago. If we can not handle, it will look for something new.

Child's adaptation to kindergarten

So, a child and an unfamiliar adult (teacher, nurse), the unusual situation (a new room and even a new toy), a previously unknown order of the day, the children with whom he does not know how to behave, how to play, how to react ... And most importantly - no mother!

What is the main factor causing the greatest fear? The unknown! And also the fear that the mother can not go back ... Help your child cope with his emotions that the adaptation period was not so hard. After all, any experience, even in childhood, have a negative impact on the nervous system, which leads to poor health and frequent illnesses.

Child's adaptation to kindergarten

How to help your child adjust to kindergarten?

- Do not leave him alone with the feelings and fears. Be sure to talk every day and explain that you love him very much, never leave and always come to the rescue, as she would need.

- The first visit is better to start with a walking street, when a pipsqueak can get acquainted with their peers. If possible, it is better to be near her mother, the child saw her and was calm.

- Do not insist and do not push! He does not want to sleep - if not asleep. Refuses to eat breakfast - the first time to feed at home. I did not want the morning to go to kindergarten - one additional output has not prevented anyone.

- Treat with understanding, show your love! In no case do not laugh when the kid to share with you their experiences and fears!