Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

I guess many of us have faced a choice: to finish the job and go to bed late, or leave everything as it is and go to bed early? In fact, an option that involves vigil should not even arise in your mind.

The clock shows well after midnight, but this time, baby, huh? After all, there is still a lot of work, unread articles, unfinished estimates, and in the morning you need to get up early and run to work. Well, here's how you can fall into the realm of Morpheus, that's when everything, everything you need to convert?

But the next day involves no less work and your 3 hours of sleep you can get out headaches, distraction, impaired concentration, and lethargy. The work will not go to any, and in the end, what you get? Yes, that's it. That scolding from the boss.

So my advice to you, quickly shut the laptop and put the book and go to Morpheus, believe me, it is you've been waiting for.

Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

How lack of sleep affects our body

If you love to sit until about three o'clock in the morning, then this information will be useful for you vitamin C.

1. Just one night, but it was a sleepless night can affect the immune system, as well as a day full of stress. Due to lack of sleep, reduced level of white blood cells, which leads to frequent SARS;

2. In addition, a night without sleep increases blood pressure. Here you need the stars to the eyes and a black abyss?

3. During the time while you're sitting at the computer or reading a book, your endocrine system suffers. Changes the circulation of hormones that are responsible for the feeling of satiety. It is this problem leads to the fact that during a sleepless night, you can eat a lot of all unnecessary and gain a couple of kilos. 4. Remember, even six hours of sleep are not the norm. The person must sleep approximately seven to eight hours at a time the body will not be under constant stress. If you have enough sleep during the week, then it can affect your cardiovascular system. To somehow give the body a rest, try to get some sleep in the output.

5. Do not forget about such an important factor as sight. After all, it is at times more crashes when you spend the night at the computer, or lying down with a book.

Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

Influence of sleep deprivation on the brain

Just one sleepless night can affect coordination, concentration, as well as significant times reduces the speed of visual reaction. Tiredness and weakness haunts you, precisely because you can not give the brain a rest, then do overtaxing it.

If we talk about the chronic lack of sleep, then here it is serious. Besides the fact that you can not get better for a couple of kilos, and for a dozen, long-term and short-term memory deteriorates to a great extent. You can not make a quick decision to concentrate on something and, in principle, apply at least some signs that you are here, not out there somewhere.

Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

The excitement does not sleep

Yes, I admit, there are situations in which we only dreamed a dream. The reasons for the excitement everyone has their own, for example, tomorrow an important interview and you are before going to sleep is constantly going over in my head, it is better to say, how to dress, to better get to the venue, how to invite a man date that you like and so on, etc. Confusion in the head, and only. How to find out? First of all try to finish all their affairs until such time as you need to go. Well, seriously, try not to work on the computer before an important day. Install a pair of new programs that automatically change the brightness of the monitor after sunset. A good helper for calming nerves can serve as a light music and breathing exercises.

Perhaps you yourself realize that the bed - a place only for sleep and sex, but most of it has nothing to do. So if you're lying, and you shake the thoughts of the interview, it is best to get up and make myself some herbal tea, again listen to something easy and try to go to sleep again.

Why work at night is harmful and how it affects the body

Sleep on it

Remember, work, study, problems, love all of this in your life will abound. But mind you have one. So let him rest. This is the best option that you can do for yourself.