We extend the "life" flowers in a vase?

• extends the "life" flowers in a vase?

We extend the

Flowers - the decoration of life! They cheer up, cause a smile, give a nice and exciting feeling. Bouquet of fresh flowers - the best gift for any girl. And by putting the flowers in a vase, we would like to enjoy this beauty as long as possible, breathe in fresh delicate aroma and admire the beautiful appearance. However, unfortunately, flowers in vases do not last long.

Yes, we all heard that if the bouquet was presented to the soul, then it will be fresh for a long time. It's all words, because reality tells quite a different story. What would be warm, attention, love and tenderness has not presented a bouquet, this does not depend on the length of his "life."

We extend the

What does it take to bouquet "lived" for a long time?

If you have your own garden, and you cut flowers out there, do it at sunrise. Such plants are more recent and therefore stand for long in a vase. You must cut off with a knife or clippers, but then make an oblique cut the stem with a knife.

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If you are buying flowers in a flower shop or a boutique, then do not take ready-made bouquets. Choose the color you like yourself. Typically, vendors offer sticker. When you purchase, carefully inspect each flower. Stalks should be bright and green. Slice off-white shade. If you cut the stem or even dark, such a flower is no longer fresh. Also, inspect the petals and leaves carefully. Spotted wilt - this flower can be immediately put aside. Vendors at the flower stalls quite clever and knowledgeable on the various ways of "revival" of the goods. Therefore, supervised to the edges of leaves and petals have a natural (natural) rounding, and have not been ennobled with the small nail scissors, because it is in this way removed the first signs of wilting.

Bouquet collected or purchased and has even presented. What to do next?

Basic and indispensable condition, which will help extend the life of any bouquet - a fresh and clean water in the vase. Water is better to use filtered or settle. Before you lower the flowers in the vase, remove all unnecessary. If this bouquet, it is better to disassemble: Remove paper / cellophane / grid, clean decor elements, throw different fasteners used to bouquet was more compact and solid.

We extend the

Next, you need to clean the stems of the leaves. No, of course, it is not necessary to remove all the leaves, only to tear off or cut the ones that are hurting, as well as those who are at the bottom and can get into the water. If a leaf falls into the water, the faster it starts to wither and rot. During decay bacteria in the water are formed, which quickly destroy completely the whole flower. Do not forget to change the water daily. At the same time, we should examine each flower and crop stalks. The cut - plait and made a sharp knife. When pruning scissors vascular occlusion occurs, which prevents water from entering inside. Most of the flowers love the cold water, so feel free to omit a few ice cubes, so your flower arrangement will look more fresh.

We extend the

There are a few tricks that will help keep the flowers longer freshness. We need (all proportions to one liter of clean and fresh water)

- a special powder, which is sold in any flower kiosk or boutique (diluted according to the instructions!);

- aspirin tablet 1 (previously ground);

- 1 gram of citric acid;

- 1 teaspoon of sugar;

- 1 drop any chlorinated product;

- 0, 5 teaspoon vinegar 8%;

Note: do not need to mix all the above techniques. Only one of them!