Secret mission Peter I in Africa

• The secret mission of Peter I in Africa

Two years and 3,000 gold rubles was spent on the preparation of Peter's secret mission I. And yet, in order to make the Russian colonial power. The Emperor was convinced - to formalize the protectorate over the "Kingdom of Madagascar," you need only a few warships ...

Secret mission Peter I in Africa Secret mission Peter I in Africa

Portrait of Tsar Peter I. Gustav von Mardefeld, 1707.

During the Age of Discovery the most active "players" were Spain and Portugal. In XV-XVI centuries, the two leading maritime powers explored most of the Earth and even legally divided the globe in half. In the XVII century on the global maritime arena came England, France, Holland, who also want to grab a piece of the pie. Thus began the struggle of the European powers for the seizure of colonies in Africa, Asia, America, the Pacific Ocean.

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

Peter I in the shipyards of the East India Company in Amsterdam. MVDobuzhinsky.

In Russia, no one thought at a time of far-off lands, but the situation has changed with the advent of Peter I. The famous reformer king resolutely took up the most ambitious projects, if they could, in his opinion, be helpful. One of these adventurous plans with Peter shared by Vice Admiral Daniel Jacob Wilster. Born Dane, Wilster had to leave the fleet of the country and move to Sweden. But even there he did not stay long, in 1721 he settled in St. Petersburg and took an administrative position.

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

World Map of the XVII century with the intended route of the expedition to Madagascar.

Wilster inspired Peter that Russia needs its colonies in Africa, from which we can extract considerable profit. It was suggested that a specific place - Madagascar. By the time other than the natives there lived pirates, who founded a settlement for recreation and repair of ships. To make a protectorate over the "Kingdom of Madagascar", we had only a few warships.

It is interesting that Sweden also forged ties with the filibuster, who tried to legalize their status and secure the land formally occupied. But the Scandinavians banal not have enough money. One of the leaders of the failed expedition was just Wilster.

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

The current copy of the Russian sailing frigate "Standart"

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

Peter I - the king and reformer of Russia. NF Dorovolsky.

It began preparations for the campaign, which immediately classified. The plans of the king knew only the most trusted person. College of Foreign Affairs and the Admiralty, "full of foreigners", were not informed. traveling strategy worked in the Office of General-Admiral Fedor Apraksin. But the exact destination did not even know it.

The allocated from the treasury 3,000 rubles outfitted two 32-gun frigate of the Dutch built "Amsterdam-Galei" and "Dekrondelivde". Ships keel, clapboard and wool. December 12, 1723 under the banner of Wilster frigate left Kronstadt on a long voyage. Barely a week during a storm the flagship was badly damaged and the squad went to the island Nargen (modern Estonia). December 31 march continued, but on January 8 at the "Amsterdam-Galei" opened again to flow. The expedition had to be aborted, the ships returned to Reval (today's Tallinn).

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

The Triumph of the Russian Fleet. VI Nesterenko.

Secret mission Peter I in Africa

Madagascar map. Samuel Thornton, 1702-1707 gg.

Preparations have begun for the second expedition, but further attempts to "conquer Madagascar" stopped after the death of Peter. His heirs have been paying more attention to the nearest land: Persia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. So it was that a strong storm in the Baltic harsh prevent Russia to get their colony in Africa.