Priceless artifacts lost forever

In the entire history of mankind has been created a lot of value, which subsequently became artifacts. Over time they were stolen, destroyed or forgotten, depending on who came to power. What are the most valuable artifacts of today is lost forever - later in the review.

Priceless artifacts lost forever

English Crown Jewels

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Richard the Lionheart and Philip Augustus prinimayun keys of Acre.

Jewels of the English crown is called crown jewels of Great Britain. They were taken out of the Tower of London only during coronations. Security gives the monarch the crown, scepter and other ornaments.

During the long history of British Regalia stolen several times, destroyed, melted. So, in 1216, King John of England, the youngest son of Eleanor of Aquitaine, was crossing the Gulf Wash in eastern England. There he was caught suddenly the tide. At sea, it fell several chests of jewels, among which were the crown jewels. By the way, John of England in a couple of days after that contracted dysentery and died suddenly.

Priceless artifacts lost forever

The Scepter and Imperial State Crown.

A Wash bay for nine centuries attracts desperate brave souls who attempt to find sunken treasure.

The ship made of mahogany

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Modern man is hard to imagine the world in the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries XV-XVII centuries. While the brave sailors sent to unknown corners of the globe in search of new lands. Open the territory assigned name of the king, and became part of the colonial empire of Spain, Portugal, Holland, England. But the sailors could not always successfully complete his trip. For example, during a secret voyage in 1522 completely disappeared Portuguese ship made of mahogany. His crew were to explore the coast of Australia.

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Cannon sunken galleon Spaniards, Colombia. | Photo:

The wreck was found in 1847. Galleon was under the sand dunes in the harbor in the south of Australia. But soon it was gone and the trail. So sounds the story from the lips of the locals and whalers.

Patiala Necklace

Priceless artifacts lost forever

In 1925, Paris, visited the Maharaja Bhupindar Singh of the Indian state of Patiala. Then on his untold wealth is not heard unless deaf. Maharaja granted to France empty-handed. In addition to a large retinue, he brought with him several chests of jewels.

Bhupindar Singh went to the jewelry house Cartier. He wanted to get an unprecedented up to this beautiful necklace. At the Masters it took three years trying to finish the job. The finished product was a cascade of 5 rows platinum filaments with diamond 2930. The centerpiece of a necklace held a yellow diamond "De Beers". He was the 7th largest in the world and looked nothing less than a golf ball. In the house of cards before you send the necklace to India, put it on display and photographed for memory.

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Patiala Necklace, restored house Cartier.

The last time the necklace seen on the son of the Maharaja in 1948, and then it disappeared. It is known that at the time of the Maharajas fallen on hard times, and they sold the jewelry to make ends meet. With the Patiala necklace, too, removed the stones and then sold and the chain.

Half a century later the chain have been found in London. Jewelers of Cartier bought it and almost completely restored the necklace, replacing natural diamonds synthetic.

Parliamentary Victoria rod

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Removal of the parliamentary wand - a ritual that has passed through the centuries.

More than a century ago, at government meetings in Victoria (Australia) used a ceremonial scepter. This is a subject and a half meters long, made of silver. It is considered very valuable, t. To. Is a symbol of power and the constitutional rights of the inhabitants of the colony.

October 9, 1891 scepter stolen. Initially, the police suspected the engineer Jeffrey Thomas, who worked in the building. Witnesses saw him with a parcel that size coincides with the desired object. But it turned out that he was only carrying their instruments. They accuse him and could not.

Priceless artifacts lost forever

Want Ads parliamentary wand Victoria.

A year later, humorous stories were published in a local newspaper. In one of them mocked members of parliament. The author believes that the rod forgotten in the popular brothel. But this version could not verify how the rod sunk into oblivion.

Pat Wright Brothers

Priceless artifacts lost forever

The first aircraft in the world. Illustration of missing patent.

All countries carefully lay up your important and valuable documents. But even in such well-known collections such as the National Archives, case of loss.

In 2003, it became clear that the archive had been stolen patent documents, which describe the world's first airplane the Wright brothers. Disappeared more than 200 pages of text, the correspondence of Wilbur and Orville Wright with the Patent Authority, photos of the first flight.

Flight of Wright Flyer II, 1904.

As recognized by the archive staff, the last time the documents seen in 1980. Theft from the National Archives have become so frequent that even the team was established, whose main task - to calculate exactly how much was stolen.