Why IT-person leave to go back

Brain drain - nearly epochal problem. The Russian government accepted blame for three things: fools, bad roads and for what it is, my dear, did not appreciate our golden youth. Gold is not in terms of the amount of money in the accounts of the parent, but in terms of brains and skills.

Why IT-person leave to go back

By the middle of the XX century emigration of bright minds in search of a decent life began to take an incredible pace. Then it was difficult to assess the scale - only decades later, when our compatriots abroad to make discoveries, it became clear no one is irreplaceable missed Russia in medicine and technology.

I remember who was leaving to go back and explain why today the situation is changing dramatically.

Who are we lost?

In 2011, the recruitment agency Pruffi compiled a list of Russian IT-loss maximum "rating nostalgia" - those who would have to move the industry in the country, but rather to change the native open spaces on foreign shores.

Why IT-person leave to go back

Probably, most of the Russian IT will miss Sergei Burkov, who at the time worked as the head moving Google Moscow R & D Center. In 2008 Sergei moved to San Francisco.

In 2005 he emigrated to one of the most respected architects in the world system Boguk Maxim, and in 2010 - his colleague Ivan Zolotukhin. In 2006, the harsh reality of Russian labor "ran" Andrey Andreev, CEO dating service Badoo. In the same year he went to Sydney Basil Chekalkin who worked on communication services "Yandex", and Alexei Medvedev, who now holds the post of chief programmer in the X360.

Then Russia at a stretch be called a "digital province", and attracted professionals career opportunities and exorbitant salaries in foreign currency.

What has changed

Until recently, magic abroad really attracted Russian IT specialists. Now the situation is changing in our favor. Firstly, the level of salaries - visiting specialists took albeit at relatively high salaries, but they just lost to local professionals on the number of received money. Now that technological development still reached a certain level of wages for IT-Schnick we are comparable with the money that receive the same experts in the West.

Why IT-person leave to go back

Second, the IT-industry is now perceived as the real sector of the Russian economy, which in the future will help this economy get off the oil needle. Because the demand for professionals is much higher than supply. Today, in addition to the financial sector, in IT abruptly began to invest the agricultural business and logistics. So if mom who stubbornly insists: "Go learn the programmer," she is absolutely right.

Last but not least, the Western companies mostly programmers working on one narrow task and they do not have the possibility to go beyond or to use some creativity. In Russian companies in this regard, things work much easier - IT-person free hand and they are almost always given carte blanche.

For me the main thing - interesting task. I like clever algorithms that allow you to do seemingly impossible things. For example, to solve the problem in seconds, rather than hours. Or to find an approximate solution of the problem, which does not have an exact solution. In my opinion, these algorithms are somewhat similar to magic.

Anton Bannykh graduate ITMO University, worked at Google London, and then returned to Russia; now he is working in the Russian company JetBrains, making software for programmers According to Anton, the Russian company a competitive salary, and life in Russia is much cheaper than in London.

In Jetbrains more freedom. In London, at me it was about ten bosses. Here I am personally familiar with the CEO. Much less bureaucracy. It is much faster and lightweight processes. Besides, I like to do a lot more cool products to world-class programmers, than to engage in the improvement of certain Google advertising metrics on a fraction of a percent. From the side it seems likely that Google - the coolest place of employment and more and you can not dream. Actually this is not true. There really are a lot of opportunities, but at the same time, many do not find there a place for self-realization, and they get bored.

Anton is now working on a new programming language Kotlin. May 18, at its developer conference I / O Google announced that Kotlin is the official language for software development for Android.

How to get young programmers?

In fact, in the same way as any other professionals - to declare itself loudly.

Why IT-person leave to go back

Back in 1970 Texas cowboys in addition to fairs and competitions launched a competition in computer science. Since 1977, the competition has become Olympics Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), received the ACM / ICPC name and has since been held every year. To understand the scale of this championship, enough to know the number of participants: this year's ACM / ICPC (including regional qualifiers) was attended by 46 381 programmer. For comparison - in the Summer Olympics in Rio in all stages involved 11,544 athlete.

The league can take part university students or graduate students of the first courses. Compete on three teams. By the competitions are not allowed people over 24 years.

Why IT-person leave to go back

The children compete in sports programming. This intellectual competition, where participants are invited to a computer and various programming languages ​​to solve some algorithmic problems for a limited time. Win the team that correctly decided the greatest number of jobs and show the best time.

The most interesting thing is that before 2000 Russia never became championship winner. And over the next 16 years, our students took 11 prize cups. In this case, the past five years, the title of the winner roams between two Russian teams - from St. Petersburg State University and the University ITMO. The latter is considered advanced in the field of training of students to sports programming.

Programming becomes a real intellectual sport of the future, not less interesting than, say, chess. And in this "discipline" in Russian distinct advantage: our children has no equal for many years.

Vladimir Vasilyev, rector of ITMO University

Make Russia great again

Why IT-person leave to go back

Despite the obvious successes of Russian young programmers, they are faced with obstacles that are not able to overcome. According to the portal cnews.ru, Russian programmer, the runner-up in the British competition for Data Science Challenge developers in put refused monetary compensation. A few days after the announcement of the results of Vladimir Iglovikov programmer from St. Petersburg, I received a letter in which the organizers of the competition "with regret" reported: the winner, as well as give out a prize, can not communicate with your Russian origin. It turned out one of the competition rules states that it can not take part residents living in low-corruption penetration rating Transparency International.

"Science should be above politics. I really do not like this concept of judging, in which researchers evaluated not on merit, but on gender, age or origin, "- Vladimir wrote on my page to Facebook.

Unfortunately, very few people can influence the level of corruption in Russia. One thing is clear - the young guys who had just come out on the trail competition for sports programming, needs support. Students ITMO for all the time that Russia took part in the championship, became the winners of a total of 6 times - and this is a world record at the nearest overseas rivals, the US and China Stanford University Jiao Tong, only 3 league cup.

By the way, today in Rapid City (South Dakota, United States) held in 2017 Olympiad final year. The main battle of the programmers involved 13 Russian teams (in total - 133 teams from around the world). And we sincerely hope that the victory will be ours again.