Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

• Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

The modern society is entirely busy socializing in the virtual world and fashionable portable gadgets. It would seem that the time hobby gone into the distant past. Previously considered popular hobbies embroidery, knitting, weaving macramé, numismatics, philately, and so on. D. Today, people are more likely to occur, which in the hands of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The desire to keep up with the times - a great idea. However, where the same happened to the enthusiasm, interest something of interest to creativity?

Knitting - the kind of needlework, which is characterized by centuries of history. According to historical references, in the days of the Ancient East woman addicted to knitting. In recent years an increasing interest is tracked contemporaries to various kinds of hobbies. Girls have a keen interest in cross-stitch, embroidery, ribbons, scrapbooking, crochet and knitting.

Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

On any trend always appears antitrend. It was so antitrendom knitting, as opposed to the modern mobile gadgets. According to statistical data, which were collected as a result of public opinion polls on social networks, in specialized forums and in comments to personal blogs needle women, it became clear that knitting as a form of needlework is undergoing regeneration. If you see the statistics of visits to a variety of goods online stores for needlework, it is possible to track the increase in popularity of these resources. In transport or in public places and crowded (parks, gardens, cultural or historic center, small seating areas, children's playgrounds and so on. D.) Is increasingly possible to see the ladies knitting in her hands.

Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

Modern fashion dictates its own rules, and at fashion shows in almost every collection includes knitwear. Of great interest is shown as a winter and a summer wardrobe items. Not every girl can afford to buy stylish and fashionable thing known designer. Therefore, get help from a hook, knitting needles, yarn and knitting their own hands. A little perseverance and patience, which should be supplemented by a rich imagination and interesting ideas - and you are the owner of a unique and stylish knitted things. Feature handmade goods lies in their uniqueness. After all, no one needlewoman in the world will not be able to repeat with 100% accuracy his same job. High interest in the things-hendmeyd provoked a variety of range of such products. Attention contemporaries include cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, cardigans, tunics, dresses, skirts, sundresses, hats and scarves, mittens and gloves, shawls and stoles in various styles, styles, colors and textures. For winter clothing should give preference to the yarn, which included natural wool is present. For the demi-season things are great blended yarn: a combination of cotton and acrylic, bamboo, cotton, wool and acrylic. . Etc. But summer products are characterized by lightness, ease and durability, so the best option would be thread Cotton (mercerized cotton - the best option).

Knitting as a fashion trend among modern girls

The benefits of knitting as a hobby in the world today:

1. Implementation of creativity.

2. The ability to create unique and extraordinary things.

3. Normalization of mental and emotional state of a person.

4. Improved tactile and visual memory.

5. The ability to concentrate and focus on one activity.

6. Ability to relieve internal stress of the body and mental fatigue.