What the Chechens have the right to wear his cap

• What are the Chechens have the right to wear his cap

What the Chechens have the right to wear his cap

For the Chechens, his cap is something more than the usual head-dress. This is sort of a symbol of honor, pride and dignity that can only carry one person who has certain qualities, and is capable of doing. That is why wearing fur cap could each Chechen, it is necessary to comply with this headdress.

Get his cap from his father

Young Chechen, who was just beginning to shave his beard, usually received as a gift his cap. She could not wear her mother, sisters and other women in the family, or lost her sacred force. If for any reason the head of the family died, the hat is sure to remain in the family had the right to wear it only sons.

fur cap can be obtained as a gift from a stranger

This hat of astrakhan is a sign of high trust and recognition - it did not give to everyone you meet just out of pity or mercy. If the Chechen decided to donate his fur cap, the gifted man really deserved his actions this precious gift. In this case, the material of the hat is made, as well as its cost, were completely irrelevant. Important was the fact of giving hats, because this hat had a great sacred significance. Get his cap as a gift from a stranger - an extremely rare phenomenon that sometimes still happened.

A smart head and a fiery heart

His cap could wear only one Chechen, who will preserve it and protect a par with her life and good name. If Chechen knocked his cap, it was considered a humiliation, and credit recovery could be a way to fight and proceedings with a bloody outcome. That is why the Chechens fought to the end for their fur cap - it meant the loss of shame and lack of seriousness.

If the Chechen guard any object and leave for a while, then he took off his cap and left at the entrance. Touch his cap meant to challenge her owner, who believed matter of honor to track down and punish the offender.

Features hats

His cap are not for warmth or beauty - a kind of symbol that emphasizes the dignity and honor of men. His cap it is necessary to protect and carefully handle it - not allowed the wearing of hats by the Chechens, who for no reason scornfully throw this hat on the ground. If the Chechen threw his cap on the ground, it must be ready to die on the spot for his honor.