Essential oil of sandalwood

• Essential oil of sandalwood

Essential Sandalwood Oil - refined ingredient, the first mention of which is found in the annals of 4000 years ago. Even the ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts contain references to the sophisticated fragrance of sandalwood oil. It is widely used in various religious ceremonies, in the Vedic medicine and aromatherapy.

Essential oil of sandalwood

To date, essential sandalwood oil is characterized by a very wide field of application, it is considered indispensable in alternative medicine, in rituals of Buddhists, in the cosmetic and perfumery industries.

Essential oil of sandalwood

Features getting reception

Sandalwood oil is made from the same species of trees native to the sun and is called the mysterious India. They grow mainly in the mountainous terrain. It belongs to the breed of parasitic evergreen trees, as during the first few years of his "life" eat other plant sap. For the production of essential oil of sandalwood suitable "adult" trees, whose age has crossed the 30-year milestone. Special by steam distillation (cleavage using hot steam) from the core mature sandalwood santanol obtained. It is quite thick and sticky mass of yellowish, light brown or greenish tint. However, a more saturated and aromatic product is extracted from the roots of the core. Efirol has refined fragrance with light notes timber.

Essential oil of sandalwood

Useful properties and applications

Due to its delicate scent of sandalwood oil is considered an indispensable ingredient in cosmetics and perfumery industry, and the abundance of beneficial qualities have translated it in a category quite popular products used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and ailments.

Essential oil of sandalwood

Essential Sandalwood Oil and the range of its action:

- decontamination;

- a painkiller;

- antispasmodic nature;

- promotes rejuvenation and eliminate sagging skin;

- anti-inflammatory;

- causing a surge of positive emotions and good mood;

- applied for purification of harmful organism micronutrients and toxins;

- diuretic;

- the vast depressed mood;

- contributing to the improvement of hemodynamics and a positive effect on the cardiovascular system;

- normalizing hormonal balance;

- is used as an aphrodisiac;

- used to treat acne, acne, eczema and dermatitis;

- Improves skin tone and elasticity (elasticity) of the skin of the face and body, enhancing water balance, removes fine mesh and wrinkles;

- used for removing toxins from the body; - a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys and the bladder;

- to establish the menstrual cycle.

Essential oil of sandalwood

Also sandalwood oil is indispensable in cosmetology SPA - used as a productive ingredient for complete relaxation of the body. A distinctive feature of sandalwood oil is that it is not only able to influence the work of the human immune system, the activities of its internal organs and systems, but also contributes to the favorable increase of mental and emotional state, as well as improve mood and well being. Refined aroma of sandalwood can work wonders.

Essential oil of sandalwood

Contraindications to the use of

According to the research of a medical nature, it has been proven that sandalwood oil may cause individual intolerance. Efirol not recommended for people with kidney failure, as well as pregnant and lactating women.