Recommendations to preserve the relationship in the first year of marriage

Recommendations to preserve the relationship in the first year of marriage

When is the romantic flair of the first months and come severe everyday life of a new life together, anything can happen. These little things will help you (and him too) with honor stand the test of the first year of the relationship.

1. Do not quarrel over trifles

Cries and cries because nevytertoy puddles in the bathroom do not honor anyone, but rather you. This problem is eliminated faster than you utter reproach.

2. Speak compliments

No one will be offended if he is told how wonderful it looks like today, or an excellent performance on the big event. Do it more often (and teach).

3. Spend time with friends

Yes, even in the beginning, for days when you can not come unstuck from one another. Friends come in handy later and unlikely to be happy if they sew six months.

4. Walk on bye

If under a date do you mean together cooking or watching TV shows, plan now. Go to the dance, to the museum, a picnic - anywhere, just not at home and always together.

5. Try new with

Even food. Or take a new amusement park and a declaration of love, while the jump roller coaster.

6. Walk on the his family and work events when invited to

Maybe it's not the most fun activity, but it is easy and shows that he means a lot to you.

7. Talk to his friends

Let them become common, it would be very convenient.

8. If something is important to you - say

Not just: "At the girlfriend's birthday, you can come" - and: "At the girlfriend on Friday's birthday, and I'll be happy if you come. Let's meet on the road and come together. "

9. Try new in bed

Maybe you want to tie the hands of, or try a new position? It's about time! Your partner loves you, too, and probably does not want a lifetime to have sex in the missionary position.

10. Do not tell your friends about the only bad

It is easy to start a conversation with what he angered you, but if it is repeated often, they think that he's really awful. Especially that talk behind often become known to the other party.

11. It does not have to be the best friend

Being a romantic partner - a chore to maintain, to love and to keep the brand in bed. For many, this and so enough. Let the best friends are female, and it will be easier, and you.

12. Do not judge his habits in bed

Many find it difficult to share fantasies, do not condemn, and speak like this all over the country. It's just a game of imagination.

13. Do not spy

If you think that it changes, talk in the open. To collect information secretly and found that the woman - his great-aunt will be very ugly.

14. Apologies for the error

It is not easy, but it is possible to reduce the heat of an argument or even reduce it to nothing.

15. If you have difficult times, remember the good

Restore the details first date, a fun trip, an interesting joint activity. Remember how it was and what you originally chose each other. This is useful for refreshment looks good relations.