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Features presidential

Vladimir Putin and his "Niva".

Government motorcades of cars world-famous brands are known, perhaps, for all Russians. But do not leave without attention to the Russian president and the domestic automobile brands and the last, in turn, argue that there is still life in the old dog yet. An example of this could be the car "Niva", which has acquired the personal use of the Russian president

Russian President Vladimir Putin a few years ago showed reporters a car LADA 4x4 Jungle, which he purchased for personal use. Immediately many motorists (and not only) interested in the question: "Where did this model, and that it is so special that it was awarded the President's attention."

Features presidential

LADA 4x4 Jungle.

The first question is answered in an interview with Russian President himself, saying that the car was released at AvtoVAZ, and buy the same can be anyone. Works-Car - LADA 4x4 Jungle, he produced in this plant in the management of sports cars to order.

Features presidential

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the wheel of LADA 4x4 Jungle. It is important to distinguish the modification of the "jungle" of the modification of the "Lynx", the presentation of which took place around the same time. These cars are different, and the cost, and for the implementation of technical solutions. This is understandable - for cars have different requirements. The developers of a sports car control using all the baggage of experience that has been gained in the process of sports performances "of LADA 4x4" in various world rally.

So, in more detail about the technical characteristics of the car. According to experts AvtoVAZ car-mounted engine VAZ-21214. However, its volume was increased to 1, 9l. Power engine 140 l. from. and 160 Nm of torque. The gearbox has a special range of gear ratios. Transfer case sinhronizirovna gear changes and is fixed to the Z-X supports.

Features presidential

Salon LADA 4x4 Jungle.

Reducer of the forward bridge is fixed on an independent suspension. Cross-axle differentials - self-locking. Root pair 4x3. Suspension front (on Chevrolet NIWA) modified and the rear suspension - undeveloped on the principle of a parallelogram with information longitudinal bars. The vacuum brake booster (model 21236). Elevator front and rear suspensions. Shock absorbers - gas-filled. Semi-axis in a vehicle reinforced (24 slots). Beam rear axle also reinforced. Front assembly configured kenguryatnik motor protection. The winch is located on the front of the module.

Features presidential

LADA 4x4 Jungle - a car worthy of the president!

Needless to say, the technical characteristics of LADA 4x4 Jungle distinguish this model from the usual line of LADA 4x4 and make it the most attractive for drivers who prefer to travel by domestic machines.

Features presidential

Standard equipment Lynx.

It is natural to expect such a serious equipped with a standard serial LADA 4x4 is not necessary. However, the fact that the Russian car industry is able to produce such a reliable car with great technical parameters must set LADA fans to feel optimistic. It is hoped that gradually all of these innovations will be used in production models that are guaranteed to improve the reliability and speed parameters.