Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

Throughout the world there are only a few hotels offering accommodation in unique rooms, which literally allow you to sleep surrounded by fish. If you like to sing a song Yuri Antonov "The sea, the sea ..." or the umpteenth time to read out the Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", these underwater hotels - the perfect place to stay!

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

The plans to create a new grand underwater resort seem to appear every few years. But in fact, underwater construction - it is not so easy thing because of environmental problems and financial obstacles. So, where you can stay if you want to call today and book a room?

Do not worry: there are several options, ranging from modest to expensive and spartan, luxury suites. Whatever you choose, your stay in them is sure to be unforgettable!

Atlantis the Palm (Dubai, UAE)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

Underwater rooms at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai - a luxury experience! Huge windows from floor to ceiling, allowing to observe directly from the bed of the sea life - is the icing on the cake.

Called "Poseidon" (Poseidon) and "Neptune" (Neptune) in honor of the gods of the sea, the magnificent suites are also available around the clock butler service. And although the rooms themselves, which cost $ 8,200 per night, located on the water, about 65 thousand marine inhabitants of the aquarium Ambassador Lagoon, which can be seen from the windows, creating the illusion of being under water.

Submarine Hotel Lovers Deep Submarine (Caribbean)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

Why occupied in one room when you can immerse yourself in your room? Starting in 2014, rental of luxury villas Oliver's Travels agency offers to stay in this incredible submarine.

The chef and the staff will provide you with 5-star service. Ideally suited for couples wanting to maintain a loving relationship, oysters and caviar are part of a specially designed menu with aphrodisiacs. The cost? From $ 215.000 per night.

The resort Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

The resort Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore offers 11 "ocean suites" built as a two-level townhouses.

Divided into "land" at the top, where there is a living area, and a "sea" in the submarine bedrooms, guest rooms offer the best of both worlds.

Personal butler will take care of you while you enjoy the beautiful views of the largest aquariums in the world. Accommodation in the rooms cost about $ 1,200 per night.

The resort Manta Resort (Zanzibar)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

Located in Pemba Island (Pemba Island) in the Zanzibar archipelago, Manta Resort Resort - the very definition of a tropical luxury!

Floating hotel offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean and the coast of Africa from the upper deck and a unique view from the bedroom window, which is under water. In each room, located at a depth of about 4 meters, rest in the ocean has never been so easy and enjoyable. Rooms can be rented for as low as $ 1,500 per night.

Conrad Rangali Island Resort (Maldives) Hilton's Resort

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

For special occasions Rangali Island Resort Resort makes its underwater restaurant underwater in the bedroom for two. Who would not like to boast that they slept in the world's first underwater restaurant?

Utter Inn Hotel (Vasteras, Sweden)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

If you want to sleep under the water, but can not afford to pay for it a round sum? This bizarre underwater cabin in Sweden can be the perfect solution!

Utter Inn hotel has been designed by a local artist. And although it looks like a typical Swedish house which floats in water, it does have a small bedroom, immersed to a depth of 3 meters. No frills and fuss, this is a great place to escape for the weekend for only $ 250 per night.

Jules' Undersea Lodge (Key Largo, Florida, USA)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

Another relatively successful budget option is named after Jules Verne. Located off the coast of Florida, near Puerto Rico, Jules' Undersea Lodge hotel is actually the oldest in the world of underwater hotel.

This former research center is perfect for intrepid travelers who do not mind to dive with scuba diving to a depth of 6, 4 meters to get to the main lobby.

Cozy rooms in the hotel are ideal for couples, and in addition, you can invite a chef who will come down to you down and make something special. Staying in this hotel will cost $ 675 per night.

Hotel Bambu Indah Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)

Hotels with windows in the underwater kingdom

While this hotel in Bali and is not underwater, view from Udang House is so incredible, I could not get on the list!

Through toughened glass offering stunning views of the pond with shrimp, over which the hotel was built, which means that you can relax for hours, watching the marine life right out of bed.

InterContinental Shimao Wonderland (Shanghai, China)

Hotel InterContinental Shimao Wonderland, located near Shanghai, is not yet complete. But close to it, so this hotel and included in this list.

The architects of the design studio Atkins Design built a futuristic, luxurious hotel complex is directly in the quarry. Hotel Room 370 will include two underwater level restaurant and rooms.

Its territory is an artificial waterfall, and visitors will be invited to take part in water sports. The hotel opening is planned for later this year. Rooms will cost from $ 200 per night.