If you want to look someone in the eye

• If you want to look someone in the eye

If you want to look someone in the eye

Possession hypnotic piercing eyes, the ability to look into the eyes of the interlocutor - a good habit, and it can be purchased.

Have you ever wondered why some people find it difficult to look into each other's eyes, even for a short time? And do you can safely withstand the gaze of another person?

For representatives of the animal world to stare into the eyes - a sign of aggression and call.

For a man to look away as unacceptable for several reasons. This suggests a lack of confidence or the desire, to hide something.

Must be able to look him in the eye. Today, you will get another good habit - not to look away. In addition, you will learn to look so that your opponent feel insecure in your presence, and could not stand the game in the "peepers".

To start, think of yourself "anchor". This is such an object or effect, so you are constantly reminding yourself that have to do during the day. This may be a coin in your pocket or a rosary. Each time, fingering the coin or fingering a rosary knuckles, mentally pronounce the installation: "I always look in the eye!", "I have a piercing, hypnotic eyes," etc...

How to look in the eye?

1. There is a little secret that you think seemed hypnotic and piercing. Look at the nose of the interlocutor.

2. Another important thing. When communicating Focus on your tandene (point two fingers below the navel and two fingers deep). This human energy centers, and focus on it make you feel calm, confident, and his eyes begin to radiate energy and strength.

3. When communicating always monitor your breathing. In ancient times, before the fight swordsman began to count their breaths to tune.

4. It is useful to do exercises for the eyes, such as rotation clockwise and counterclockwise, moving up - down, left - right. This will give your eyes shine, strengthen muscles, will serve as prevention of deterioration of sight, which in itself is not a bad bonus.

5. Draw a circle on the paper sheet of 1 cm diameter and hang this sheet in the region. In looking at this point for some time, and not blinking. Day by day increase the time of exercise. Then just look on the point, but placing it to the side. This exercise trains the tenacity and "hypnotic" look. 6. Walking down the street, do not look away from the passers. Let them feel your strength. One Special Forces recommended to look at people as if you hit them on the painful points and simply destroy them physically.

7. Do not forget about the peripheral sight. Observe everything that happens away from you, but do not look right in that direction. Let people think what you do not see them.

8. Think about your look, get ready for meetings, train look and see how the interlocutors recognize your superiority.

Do not forget about the "anchor" be calm and confident.

Do not abuse techniques, but do not allow others to confuse you.

Remember, the ability to keep a look - it's a good habit!