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In the first half of the XX century, the Canadian city of Montreal was known as the capital of sex tourism in North America. archival photos were found recently prostitutes 40s that catered to customers all over the world when the war raged.

Montreal, Canada, at the time called a place of debauchery: some is disgusted, and others attracted by the opportunity to come into the city and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of total fornication. Today's image of the prostitute is radically different from what they looked like 70-80 years ago - it was mostly "seasoned" drunken woman 40-50 years.

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Abundance dens, brothels and gambling houses made from Montreal real capital exotic holiday.

In 1933, Prohibition was repealed in the United States. Immediately thereafter, Montreal began to lose its former attraction - the influx of tourists from the United States declined. In 1940, city officials began to actively fight against corruption and illegal business in Montreal, which has led to the arrest of many prostitutes.

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You can see how these women trying to look fashionable at that time, strongly plucked eyebrows, curled hair and brightly painted lips. In the photos there and influential owner of brothels in Montreal.

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In the photo: Madame Liliane Brown (Ida Katz) - one of the three most powerful brothel owner at the time. In 1930 in the Canadian city had about 5,000 registered prostitutes, still about 15 thousand earned money selling body from time to time.

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Two hours with a prostitute in the mid-1930s cost 5 US dollars - today, this amount is equivalent to 80-85 dollars.

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In the photo: Anne Parker, was arrested in 1941.

Once again I should clarify that the 1930s - this time of the Great Depression, which affected and Canada. With two clients a day, a prostitute in Montreal secures then quite a comfortable life.

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In the photo: Jeannine Lebrun, maid by profession, was arrested for maintaining a brothel.

However, even the big money in those days could not seduce young girls from traditional families to go to the panel, which would have financial difficulties they experienced.

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Prostitution in those years was the lot of marginalized, socially excluded women - drinkers, ex-prisoners, people with disabilities, as well as representatives of Bohemia (which in the traditional society of hierarchy is also located at the bottom). The average age of the prostitute at the time - a woman 40-45 years.

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These are portraits of prostitutes Montreal early 1940s. They were in the files of the local police after committing any crimes, one way or another connected with prostitution.

Ethnicity Canadian Ethnicity Canadian Ethnicity Canadian Ethnicity Canadian Ethnicity Canadian Ethnicity Canadian