As we are being manipulated

Of course, for the life you will meet a lot of people, and chat with some of them will not promise you anything good. I am sure there are people who are looking for ways to manipulate you, to interfere in your life to make you doubt the correctness of your decisions, make you act the way they want them to.

As we are being manipulated

The presence of these dangerous enemies beside the fact that often you do not even realize that they are poisoning your life, until it is too late.

It may even be someone very close to you - a work colleague, your partner, or one of your best friends. These people have different manipulation techniques that they use to keep control over your life.

However, to see through their tactics and recognizing their manipulation techniques, you can easily escape from the captivity of the energy, in which they have held. Let's look at the most popular methods of manipulation, so as not to fall on them.

By all means they try to prove that it is you are to blame

You can try all you want, but people who want to keep you in control, always find a way to put the blame on you. If you begin to defend themselves, and will express criticism of such a person, then he will react sharply to pounce on you with accusations. It's like a hot potato from one hand - any of your "hot" remark is thrown back in your face.

Their catchphrase - "I know what you're going to say"

Another way of manipulation - is to convince you that they know what you think and how you can respond in a given situation. As if all that you are doing, it is absolutely predictable for them.

When they start talking something like: "I knew you'd say that," "I do not know what I have to wonder," they are just trying to find a way to "climb" in your head, do not use evidence or logic.

They know how to cook "word salad"

This tactic is adored by those who want to circumvent the questions to which they do not want to answer. To do this, they are often given long complex answers that ultimately nothing you do not make it clear you can not find what you want.

To find out whether you bustle, try to focus on what they say and observe whether they adhere to a single topic, or constantly jumping to other random topics that are unimportant and unrelated to the conversation.

The three stages of a man they brought up the idea of ​​inferiority

This is another way of manipulation in which a person is brought to the point that he begins to doubt his sanity and even in their own right. This method consists of three different stages.

First, the "victim" trying to embarrass a person to lose faith in themselves and their strength.

As soon as the "victim" falls into this situation and is trying to get out of it, "the puppeteer," says: "You're crazy!" Or "Do not be crazy!"

After some time, the "victim" actually begins to believe that he was acting overly emotional and sometimes crazy, which eventually leads to a stage of depression.