Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

acne on the face do not appear just like that. The cause of your rash may be a careless attitude to clean the skin, and the presence of health problems.

What do the pimples on your face?

Acne can occur for two main reasons:

  1. Improper care of their hygiene
  2. The problems in the body

In the first case, a person is not enough pursues hygienic purposes:


  • is not sufficiently cleans the face
  • is not watching, so that the skin breathe
  • does not wash off cosmetics from the face of
  • enjoy cheap cosmetics
  • is not moisturizes the skin

Neglect to clean their skin leads to the fact that she suffers: the pores become clogged with dirt, inflame and fester.

In the second case, even if the person will carefully monitor the cleanliness of their skin, apply it only proper and quality cosmetics, acne can occur because the body is experiencing a failure. This can be fail hormone, diseases of internal organs, abnormal metabolism.

Map of acne - it is a way to focus and distinguish parts of the face, where there are spots. It is believed that a pimple that appeared in a certain place does not do it just like that. Each face section is closely related to one of the internal organs or body systems.

Thus, you can easily determine the cause of acne, if you follow your face. Focusing on the map acne is not difficult to learn which system your body suffers.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Map of acne on the face of the zones

Experts were able to distribute on the face area and, depending on the appearance of acne on the face, "draw" the map. Pay attention to your acne, be sure the nature of their occurrence and calculate the area on which they appear more often.

Find your "suffering" plot faces on the map, and then you can determine which system is your body fails. All areas of the face, where there are spots, can be divided into nine zones. If spots appear in a certain area too often, you may have a serious medical condition is present, and all sorts of images of similar eruptions are trying to warn you about it.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Location of acne on the face and disease

As already mentioned, we can distinguish nine major areas, which often appear "signaling" pimples. They show:

  • forehead (in the center and on both sides)
  • eyebrows (above the eyebrows, beneath or laterally)
  • cheeks and eyes (around the eyes and across the cheeks area)
  • a nose (at the tip side of the nose, the nose)
  • nasolabial fold (completely around the mouth)
  • side face (this whiskey on both sides, ears, eye corners)
  • mouth (around the mouth)
  • jaw (side face and on the tip of chin)
  • ears (side face)

Ensure cleanliness and beauty of the face is necessary in the first place, because this is the part on which the surrounding people pay their utmost attention. The way you perceive - decides to do with you and, in principle, your future. Eliminate rashes on the face by the recovery of the body and cure diseases of internal organs, focusing on acne card.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

If pimples on the forehead, which body ache?

Many noticed that from time to time that the forehead is suffering from acne. This is one of the most "popular" places for eruptions. It should be noted that any pimples that appear on the forehead and in the side area of ​​both brow show that a person is experiencing gastrointestinal operation failures.

Probably, each heard the presence of a human, so-called T-zone. This area is known for the fact that it is on it is concentrated the maximum number of sebaceous glands, as well as sweat glands. It is because of the active work of these glands, the facial site regularly covered by ugly fat shine. If you have pimples often appear on these areas of the face, maybe you are experiencing the problem:

  • malfunctions stomach
  • pancreas does not work
  • does not work gallbladder
  • have dysbiosis is present
  • you have gallstone disease

If there is a rash in the area of ​​hair growth - it is a signal disruption of the gall bladder or bowel.

If you are tired of the fact that they are constantly present on your forehead, perhaps you should fully adjust its system and eating habits. Most often, rashes occur because a person eats junk food: convenience foods, fast food, plenty of sweets and chocolate, mayonnaise and fatty foods, soda. Do focus on a completely different and healthy foods: fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, milk, dairy products, whole grain bread.

Frequent rash on the forehead can also say that you hurt medicines that you take. Perhaps you consume excessive antibiotics and vitamins, as well as hormones.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Pimples on the nose, that means

Every pimple on your face, which appears due to failure of the organism. It is the release of toxins which the body is not able to throw a natural way (through the intestine).

The area between the eyebrows just as prone to frequent rashes. Explain the rash can be very simple - does not work the liver. What factors influence this? First, it may be due to excessive alcohol consumption, as well on acne affected excessive consumption of fatty foods, and in some cases due to the consumption of dairy products (in this case, they should be completely excluded from the diet, as protein foods) .

Establish the liver helps passion for sports and a healthy diet. As it is necessary to monitor their modes of sleep and rest. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Acne on the forehead and cheeks, with associated?

If pimples often appear not only on the forehead, but also on the cheeks - it may tell you that you are experiencing problems of the respiratory system. It is for this reason it is often a rash on the cheeks appear in heavy smokers, and in some cases, severe allergies.

To get rid of acne that appear on the cheeks, you can try to give up cigarettes and to establish reception antiallergic agents.

If you do not have the habit of smoking or you have never suffered from allergies, your rash may occur because the body is often overheated. In this case, you will need to drink plenty of water and chilled food. As it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets (to eliminate the possibility of banal diathesis) and increase your exposure to fresh air: walk, run and do exercises on the street every day.

In this case, you should also adjust your diet: Reduce the intake of fermented milk products (they create an acid environment), as well as protein, sweets, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Eat a healthy diet:

  • Increase the amount of vegetables in the diet
  • Eat a variety of fruits
  • drink more water
  • increase the number of grains and cereals
Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

Pimples on the chin that mean?

Unfortunately, very often the pimples appear it on the chin. If you see that they arise in this area all the time, chances are you're suffering from disorders of the endocrine and digestive system.

Establish the work of these systems can be by adjusting your diet:

  • should consume fiber in large quantities
  • Ensure that your body does not get a huge dose of toxins
  • Drink plenty of herbal teas (they remove toxins and put in order the digestive system)

If you are not watching at these problems, it is very likely that such rashes appear as a consequence of disruption of the female reproductive glands. This happens when a woman's body is dominated by the number of male sex hormone.

To get rid of persistent acne on the chin, which almost never disappear, can be achieved by a complete examination by a gynecologist. It is necessary to pass a lot of blood tests, the results of which experts have identified your problem.

Another cause of acne on the chin - frequent hypothermia. Perhaps you have seen a slight protective immune responses, as well as the presence of a variety of infections. Get rid of the annoying pimples help dermatology and cosmetology after treatment.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

The value of pimples on the nose and the nose

Nose - the only part of the face, which can not give a definite answer about the cause of acne.

In most cases, pimples on the nose appear because the zone is characterized by a large number of over-enlarged pores. This section also has a high fat content. In addition, this part of the body is permanently open. This factor negatively affect the health of the skin condition. Skin is constantly subjected to the pollution of the environment, the nose can be touched with dirty hands.

The pores on the nose often get clogged with dirt, as a result, and there are black spots, inflammation of the pores themselves purulent acne.

Another reason for the rash on the nose - a hormonal imbalance in the body. Such dissonance and racing hormones most likely to occur with a person at maturity, that is, in adolescence.

The last reason rash on the nose - heart disease. Often these rashes indicate the presence of a person has problems with blood pressure and an imbalance in the body of vitamin C. To get rid of acne as it is necessary to normalize the body's own cholesterol levels, adjust the power (to fill it with useful products). The simplest reason for the appearance of rash on the nose may be a casual attitude towards your skin clean. Regularly remove dirt and makeup from the face, do not sleep with makeup and wash your face cleansing gels, foams, scrubs and use only high-quality cosmetics.

Map of acne on his face: what do they mean? Location of acne on the face and disease

What do pimples on the cheeks?

If you do not have problems with the respiratory and allergic reactions, the acne on the cheeks can occur because:

  • bronchial diseases (inflammation, colds)
  • colds in the body (viruses and infections)
  • reaction to sugar and chocolate (sweet refuse)

Observations of people who have frequent eruptions on the cheeks, as evidenced by the fact that to them tend to depressed people.

Acne side face of what they say?

Note the pimples that appear in your side faces:

  • Acne occurring eye side can "shout" you that the person is experiencing dehydration
  • Acne that arise in the field of ear, indicate the presence of health problems related to the kidney (diet should be established)
  • If your acne is strewn whiskey, it tells you about the gallbladder operation problems