I hate bikes

I hate bikes

Yes, it is.

For 8 years living in Spain, I began to hate this type of transport.

And before I was stoned explain why it happened.

Here in Spain over the past 5 years, the number of people who use this form of transport has increased several times.

Yes, I agree, this is Life and savings on travel and eco-friendly, but!

I hate bikes

This type of transport is absolutely not controlled by anyone.

That is, you're going safely to your car and suddenly you from the bushes cut the road cyclist kamikaze only 10 centimeters from the hood.

I however not implying anything, but every time on the TV show as a downed another cyclist on straynoy chance in 99, 9% at fault is the driver of the car, all the while, that really everyone is exceeded the blood alcohol level ( !!!)

How so?

I hate bikes

provoke traffic accidents

Because here they are so to say full-fledged members of the movement, that every day I see a situation where the middle of the narrow road drags bicyclist talking on the phone, and on the back .... everyone else, and let the whole world wait as they say.

cyclists driving style often provokes that the driver of auto forced to go round it or where it is not supposed to, or as a whole raises the voltage of the driver that affects its driving level.

In the event of an accident the bike without insurance.

So to cover the costs of repair will have from his own pocket, and do not forget that the driver probably still have to pay a court cyclist (if still in prison will not go), because the guilty will be who?

I hate bikes


Nothing could prove

But those who prefer to travel by foot, too, do not live in peace.

After all, for a cyclist makes no difference where to travel, on the road or on the sidewalk. And the traffic lights are not designed for them.

A huge number of people admitted to the hospital due to the fault of cyclists. Not long ago, an unknown got killed deputy Muriel Casals. And even in this case, the culprit was never found.

After all, they do not have the license plate, then how to find the culprit?

I hate bikes

There must be rules for driving?

Yes, they are, and can theoretically police and prescribe a penalty, but .. they prefer to pay attention to car drivers. At the moment I do not know any cyclists who have been fined.

I hate bikes

Easy for others

In my city, and other medium and large cities, a huge number of bike lanes, but how they built? Selecting area roads and sidewalks.

Where once there were 3 bars, was 2. Where was the pavement, made the track, you can not walk on it.

I hate bikes

And who pays for it?

Allocate money from the treasury, that is, of our hard-earned with you part of it goes to the construction and maintenance of tracks.

The construction of one kilometer of bike lane on the carriageway road is worth 80,000 €, if the allocated space on trotuare- 150,000 €.

You crisis, crisis ...

There is a serious promotion of bicycles and it's wonderful, it's really sport, eco, and fewer cars on the roads. But all this seems insignificant on a background of the harm that they are, unfortunately, bring the moment.

What to do:

I hate bikes

to take the exam.

Whoever decided to use a bicycle must pass on the right, just like any other person. who wants to use private transport, because road traffic rules and for all the same.

Register your vehicle and make it mandatory presence of the license plate on the bike.

It should be compulsory insurance.

The cyclist has to pay taxes +/- 60 € per year, as well as others.

Control by the police.

And when will the order, we can finally get along together.

And yet ... it's impossible.

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