The most unique tombs of the world

Funerary structures appeared in the IV century BC, became widespread in different parts of the world. Mausoleums are popular now, standing in the cemeteries with their imposing sizes and shapes.

Today we tell you about the ten most unique mausoleums built by mankind:

10. Makhabat Maqbara (Mahabat Maqbara), India

The most unique tombs of the world

along the busy road in the center of Junagadh (Junagadh) you can see one of the little-known Indian, but, nevertheless, stunning architecture. Excellent mix of Gothic and Islamic ornamentation, complex Makhabat Maqbara remains one of the best kept secrets of India.

This striking construction is mausoleum reticle Bahaduddinbaya Haseynbaya (Bahaduddinbhai Hasainbhai), one of the main nobles at court Navab Mahabat Khan II Junagadh. Construction of the complex with yellow walls was begun in 1878 Makhabat prude (Mahabat Khanji), and completed in 1892 by his successor bigots Bahadur (Bahadur Khanji).

The culmination of decades of work have become complex carved interior and exterior facades, beautiful arches, a French-style windows, columns and magnificent silver doorways. At a nearby mosque minaret each surrounded by downward spiral staircases. Both buildings are topped with characteristic kryshami- "bulbs".

9. The mausoleum of Lenin, Russia

The most unique tombs of the world

Lenin's Mausoleum situated in Red Square in Moscow, currently serves as the resting place of Vladimir Lenin. The body of the leader of the revolution is on display almost from the day of his death in 1924, with a few exceptions in wartime.

Two days after the death of Lenin the architect Alexey Shchusev was commissioned to build a structure adapted to allow visitors to see his body. Wooden mausoleum was built on the Red Square near the Kremlin wall and the coffin with Lenin's body was placed inside, until the pathologist Alexey Abrikosov did not specify that the body can be retained for a longer period. In 1930, Lenin's body was placed in a new mausoleum made of marble, porphyry, granite and labradorite.

8. Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal), India

The most unique tombs of the world

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, in memory of his favorite wife, who died in childbirth in 1631. White marble monument with shady gardens, built more than 15 years. It is widely considered one of the finest ever created structures.

7. Mausoleum Rufina Cambaceres (Rufina Cambaceres Mausoleum), Argentina

The most unique tombs of the world

A young Argentine woman fell into a coma in 1902 and was declared dead at the age of 19 years. A few days after the funeral of the girl workers heard screams coming from her grave. When the grave opened, Rufina was really dead, but on her face and the walls of the tomb were scratches, probably left behind in an attempt to escape.

Later, her mother a grand mausoleum built in the Art Nouveau style with sculpture made orchids. Although the history of the tragic death of the girl has never been confirmed, she won the hearts of thousands of visitors, but she Rufina became known forever as "the woman who died twice."

6. The mausoleum of William Mackenzie (William MacKenzie), England

The most unique tombs of the world

4, 5-meter-high pyramid-shaped tomb of a British civil engineer and designer William MacKenzie gives an unusual view of the cemetery church of St. Andrew on Rodney Street in Liverpool.

Mausoleum is located in an area considered one of the most visited in Liverpool. Amazingly improbable local legend says that McKenzie allegedly immured sitting at a table with a winning combination of cards that he holds his bony fingers. As an avid gambler, he staked and lost his soul in the game of poker with the devil, and he thought that if he never buried, Satan will never be able to get your winnings.

5. Mausoleum of Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage), New Orleans, USA

The most unique tombs of the world

A recognized actor Nicolas Cage, who became the subject of numerous jokes and memes have long been known for his eccentric behavior as the front of the camera lens, and outside the shooting area. It seems Cage plans to continue to do so even after death, according to a strange pyramid-shaped mausoleum, which he acquired at the famous cemetery in New Orleans.

An empty grave is empty 9-foot stone (2, 74 m), which contrasts sharply with the surrounding aboveground burials, decaying over more than two centuries. On the pyramid has not yet engraved anyone's name, but it is decorated with Latin saying "Omni Ab Uno", which can be translated as "Everything from one."

4. Mausoleum Enrique Torres Belon (Enrique Torres Belón), Peru

The most unique tombs of the world

In the dusty road between Lake Titicaca and the former Inca capital of Cusco (Peru) is a quiet town Lamp (Lampa). Founded in the XVI century, this Spanish colonial outpost known more modern addition - a strange mausoleum adjacent to its historic church.

Near the temple of Santiago Apostle is a fancy mausoleum Enrique Torres Belon, which is a cave of bones topped with an aluminum replica of the "Pieta" by Michelangelo. The tomb is lined with hanging human skeletons and hundreds of skulls that have been exhumed from the graves of the town cemetery and the crypt under the church.

At the bottom is a black marble cross, where the lighting emphasizes the sinister shadows of dark wall "decorations".

3. The tombs of drug lords, Mexico

The most unique tombs of the world

From the outside the cemetery Jardines del Umayya (Jardines del Humaya Cemetery) in Kulyakane (Culiacan), Mexico, looks pretty normal, but the farther you are on it goes on, the greater the impression you what this place looks like affluent suburb with luxurious mansions of enormous size. In fact it is - the world famous mausoleums of some of Mexico's most ruthless drug lords. They say that with them to the afterlife will not take anything, but it does not mean that some people do not try to do it, or at least take away all his own, to leave at the threshold to the afterlife. Even being dead, the Sinaloa cartel members love nothing more than how to flaunt their ostentatious lifestyle of fancy mausoleums, which are much more expensive than the average family home.

Cemetery Jardines del Umayya became famous for his tresses similar to the chapel, which come to see not only from all parts of the country, but also people from other countries who come to Mexico just for the sake of it.

And these extravagant mausoleums are amazing not only for its impressive facade. According to some reports, many of them equipped with modern facilities, which many Mexicans can only dream of, such as, for example, room air conditioning, living room, bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, a bullet-proof glass, alarm system and Wi-Fi, to come and relatives friends can spend time with pleasure, visiting the grave.

2. "Beverly Hills Dead" (Beverly Hills of the Dead), the Philippines

The most unique tombs of the world

The death does not put an end to some of the luxurious lifestyle of the rich Chinese residents of Manila. They buried their loved ones on a giant cemetery, known as the Chinese cemetery in Manila (Chinese Cemetery of Manila). This place is a separate small area with a lot size of their graves mansion complete with all modern amenities!

Huge mausoleums lined up on both sides of the streets around the cemetery, all equipped with the most advanced, including a fully-functioning kitchens, bathrooms with luxurious décor and elegant bedrooms for visiting their relatives. Some tombs even got permanent residents, who seem to not mind to share their living space with the dead.

1. Mausoleum of Humayun (Humayun's tomb), India

The most unique tombs of the world

This tomb, erected in 1570, is of particular cultural significance, as was the first garden-mausoleum on the Indian subcontinent. It inspired a number of significant architectural innovations culminating in the construction of the Taj Mahal.

The mausoleum stands on a high, wide terraced platform with two deep vaulted monastic cells on all four sides. It has a shape of an irregular octagon with four long sides and bevelled edges and topped with 42, 5-meter double dome, marble and framed by a pillared kiosks (tents). Central dome tents are decorated with shiny ceramic tiles, and in the middle of each side deeply recessed large arches with a few small arches, mounted on the facade.

Garden-mausoleum Hamayuna also called "bedroom Moguls" - buried there more than 150 family members.