Rules of life of George Michael

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Rules of life of George Michael

I love smoking. It helps me stay sane and happy.

If I drank as much as I smoked stocks, I would look like Keith Richards.

Cannabis can be a terrible drug. To use it constantly, to be held a man. Because it relaxes you so much that you forget about their ambitions.

Stay in Pentonville (prison in England -. Esquire) was really a terrible experience. I sat with pedophiles and "humiliated and insulted". I tried not particularly out of his cell in those days.

I never realized their ethnicity to Greek, not counting their hairiness.

More than anything, I'm afraid of losing the ability to create music.

My bank melodies in my head. If tomorrow I suddenly lose all the accumulated funds, then simply return them to four or five songs.

I am happy when I am in love.

I never minded that I was considered a pop star. People somehow think that I see myself as a serious artist. No, it is not. I just want people to know that I am absolutely serious about pop music.

Whatever happens in my life, the only thing I have always held - is this belief in his own talent songwriter.

I never told my parents that I wanted to be a pop star or something like that. They just know that I am absolutely obsessed with the music. It's funny, but my father thought that I can not sing.

My father never gave her disappointment or latent homophobia, and I'm sure he felt these feelings. He is difficult to give, and I should be grateful for the fact that he never expressed my complaints. It's sad, but I'm sure that success can negate disappointment parent. I sincerely believe that my success was consolation for his father, who never see the grandchildren.

I do not want children. I do not want the responsibility. I'm gay. I smoke weed and do in your life is only what I want, thanks to my talent. I imagine for others an unattainable ideal, and they blame me for it. Especially men.

At the end of the existence of Wham! I was depressed because I realized that I was gay and not bisexual.

For some strange reason, my life is not made easier by the fact that I confessed his homosexuality. It turned out quite the opposite. Press if relished the fact that I used to behave as a follower of traditional sexual orientation - they started me on all cylinders.

Media - these are real demons.

I do not see Americans as people who will humiliate and suppress your dignity, but I think this American state.

I had to abandon America and say "goodbye" the most significant part of my career, because it would otherwise demons have enslaved me.

The most annoying people who swim on another failure.

One of the most unpleasant events that happened to me - this is where I photographed shirtless, and I was not uniform. What could be worse: to be fat and gay at the same time?

My biggest problem in life - fear of loss. I'm afraid to lose Kenny (Kenny Goss, longtime partner of George Michael -. Esquire) more than his own death. I do not want to go through it.

I slept with a woman during Wham !, but I knew that it would never grow into relationships because emotionally I stayed gay. My homosexuality rather acquired. Due to lack of a number of his father, who was always busy with work, I was extremely close to his mother. All my earliest sexual fantasies were uncomplicated and straightforward: in one of his first fantasies I was surrounded by a bunch of nannies with bare boobs. Also, I some time to masturbate on the teacher of mathematics. All this makes me believe that until puberty, when I began to fantasize about men, I was heterosexual. So I think it has something to do with my surroundings.

I became interested in Madonna, when we first met. I was only 23. She's very strong. Her sexuality belongs only to her, it is not for men. I had a feeling that sex with her intensity would be akin to having sex with a man. I do not know why. Perhaps I then worth a try!

I do not believe in the Bible or religion, but I think that Armageddon - a lucky guess. I really think this is going to happen.

On the wall I fought a few times in my life when my mother died and when my friend died Anselmo (Anselmo Feleppa - partner George Michael - Esquire.). On the walls of fuss when you can not do anything. In other cases, there is an alternative. Move On song was exactly that. Just have to move forward.

I have almost finished off pneumonia. At a subconscious level I was very scared, and maybe I'll never feel safe.