Rules of life Dr. Lisa

• Rules Dr. Lisa lives

Rules of life Dr. Lisa

I'm a woman, I skandalistka. Scandals. When the absolute injustice, yes, I arrange scandals.

I think women of good men by nature. We have an ineradicable instinct of motherhood, which implies first and foremost the protection. It is necessary to protect the child - his or someone else, it does not matter.

I played two years in the doctor. My mother was a doctor and worked on "first aid". I grew up in the clinic, and so all the time wearing a white robe. It was awful to me is great, but I felt happy. In the end, Dad made me a stamp, which reads: "Dr. Lisa". And I, with my dolls write prescriptions.

My husband - an American citizen with a residence permit in Russia. He - a practicing Russian lawyer. I have three children. That's all I want to know about me.

I left the children in America and was with her mother every day for two and a half years. Until the first of April, when her heart stopped. I did not remove it from the machine, she died herself. I organized a fund ( "Fair Aid" -. Esquire), while my mother was still in the hospital. I probably did it to keep from going mad.

Mom's disease determined that the place where I have to work - is Russia.

The first three years we were outcasts - and only heard complaints from neighbors and friends, "Why are you doing this?" But you know, now the situation has markedly improved. I speak not even by the fact that in one fund only our volunteers has increased. Something began to change massively - oddly enough - after the 2010 summer wildfires year. People suddenly seemed to awake to see this horror. One day I was asked to look at cancer bum on the street, and I have not found. I went to look for him, and found a town near Paveletskaya station, which lay in boxes and basking these unfortunate people, armless, legless, sick, colds. It was scary.

World Homeless - a whole separate state, with its own hierarchy, with his ministers, center and periphery. There is a mess, they call each other "morgue". There are homeless people with bullet wounds, beaten, cut - those who can not walk. And sometimes, one of "my" homeless tells me: "Lisa, you have to go there, one of our get there." And now we go to the "morgue" - and they find "their" among the garbage cans.

To them, I - my mother. For Russian, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and for all others. Especially for release from prison. I, of course, there is no office, they simply do call me "Mom."

I work in a mask, gloves to keep from infecting other patients. But someone has to dress them, sorry, wormy wounds.

With the poor and the lost people I communicate much easier. They are easier, they are what they are, they do not pretend to be.

Always loved the poor. That's how much I can remember, so much like them.

For many years, working with the homeless, I constantly hear from them the same request: bury me as a person. It's very strange, but true. They rarely ask for anything, except to eat. But when we speak more than two or three months, I ask: "What do you have to do," he says, "Lisa, bury me as a person." We are annoying because treat people as people, not as to the third grade.

I like to help those who can not help nobody. This niche is not filled completely. Maybe someday my patience, too, will come over and someone else.

I was taught that charity should be especially effective. So if I set the task to save the children, I use all the means and the opportunities created by the algorithm and solve it. And if you need to save the children risk their lives, I was ready for it, that has proven over and over again. Those who accuse me of having links with the "criminal authority" are not willing to risk their lives and their well-being. This is the reason for their failures and impotence.

We are never sure that we will come back alive, because the war - it's hell on earth. And I know what I'm saying.

The most terrible thing - it's how children react to the bombing: they close their ears and fall to the ground. This very young children. This is probably the worst thing that I could see - they do not cry, just do it silently.

I'm very interested in military surgery. But then the girl was still difficult to arrive at the Military Medical Faculty. That did not happen.

Each saved, snatched life from hell of the war - a fracture of the course of things, prevention is almost an accomplished evil. There is a measure of the price I must pay: I do not have to just go and take out the children "out" from under the shells and bullets, but "here" to go through stoning, public humiliation. And you know, if for all these "scum" and "bitch" in my address God will give me the opportunity to save even one life, I agree. Sore point - this impotence impotency. Why does a woman goes to war for the children, and men poured her for that shit, sitting at home in Moscow and Germany, in the warmth on the couch ?!

In general, I can not imagine how you can sit here, when there (in Donetsk -. Esquire) is. I mean children. My husband knows I'm going anyway that you can not stop me. Perhaps the explanation lies in the fact that he loves me.

I will take out (sick children from Donetsk -. Esquire), until the war ends. Or until I was killed. Because they can not survive there. They have no other chance.

I was afraid of is not death, and transition. The transition itself from here - there. And this uncertainty, you know ...

I hate death, it is disgusting to me. I think we have to fight for every moment of life on earth, for what is given to us on earth. But at the same time I was an Orthodox believer and I believe that death - is the transition to eternal life. That is, in a sense, an event ... right. How to reconcile these two themselves in the beginning - I do not know ...

I believe that every person must be guaranteed the right to die with dignity - in time, without pain, surrounded by loved ones.