7 films with memorable male duets

• 7 films with memorable duets male

Watch movies with excellent acting duo is always nice, but when the duo make up the talented and charismatic men - even nicer. In these tapes starring famous Hollywood actors, create a memorable and controversial images.

7 films with memorable male duets 7 films with memorable male duets

"Victor Frankenstein"

Unique film adaptation of the classic novel about Dr. Frankenstein. In this film, the creators are paying attention to the relations of the doctor and his assistant Igor. These roles are performed by the brilliant James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. Viewers can evaluate ambiguous actions of Frankenstein and the redemptive power of friendship these two unusual characters.

7 films with memorable male duets

"escape plan"

Sly and Arnie in a movie! Who would have thought before about this. Famous actors have made a great duo in the film about the escape from the most guarded prison. They develop a plan impracticable, hope can only themselves, but for the successful implementation of the conceived need help each other. Gripping thriller with your favorite actors.

7 films with memorable male duets


"The True Story"

The picture was the third joint project of James Franco and Jonah Hill. Both comedians proven themselves in the drama. Franco tried a prisoner costume, playing a murderer wanted by the FBI, and Hill turned into a journalist Michael Finkel. In the film, a lot of great scenes together this unique acting duo.

7 films with memorable male duets

"Bridge of Spies"

In the film, Steven Spielberg's cult always great male duets. At this time, starring Tom Hanks and Mark Raylens. First played a Brooklyn lawyer caught in the center of the scandal since the Cold War. Second - suspected of spying for the USSR Rudolf Abel. Raylens convincingly entered the role of the quiet and intelligent Abel, for which he received his first "Oscar".

7 films with memorable male duets

"The Crew"

The creators of the Russian blockbuster made the right choice by inviting the main roles of the two well-known actors. Danila Kozlovsky played a young, but experienced pilots who are in difficult life situation. At Vladimir Mashkov role of his mentor. Uneasy relationship between two characters must not interfere with the rescue crew.

7 films with memorable male duets

"Elvis and Nixon"

The real story about the meeting in the White House, the King of Rock and Roll and the US president. Nothing to talk about these two men, in whose hands was the power and love of the people? Act out their version of Kevin Spacey, and Michael Shannon. Both actors have changed beyond recognition for the role.

7 films with memorable male duets


In this tape main roles are played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. They play detectives investigating the disappearance of a young girl. Hero Crowe - confident wit, Gosling's character - a single father, forever falling into absurd situations. The duo plays the comedic scenes, leaving the audience indifferent.