From long skirts to the "cloud of gas": how shortened Tutu

• From long skirts to the "cloud of gas": how shortened tutu

It is believed that ballet appeared in Europe at the beginning of the XV century. The first dance costumes are not particularly different from ordinary dresses the ladies of the time. Multiple layers of fabric, rings pomp - all this makes it impossible to execute any virtuoso pas. Dancers moved gracefully, but not fast. However, with each century ballerinas skirt length became shorter, and movement - all skillfully.

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Marie Taglioni - the first dancer who dared to act in a skirt above ankles.

Revolution in ballet costume made Maria Taglioni in 1839. She appeared on stage in a lightweight dress, made according to the sketches of the artist Eugène Lami. The skirt is shaped like a half-open flower. Ankle ballerina were opened. This outfit allowed her to move with ease.

From long skirts to the

Marie Taglioni - the famous ballerina of the XIX century.

From long skirts to the

Ballerina Adeline Juri.

In Russia, any change in the traditional ballet took place only in half a century. Prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Adeline Jury, which sometimes accused of being too emotional on stage, let herself in front of one of his speeches to cut shorter hem of her skirt.

From long skirts to the

Ballerina Anna Pavlova in the costume of a swan with swan feathers.

In the early twentieth century tutus decorated with feathers of birds and precious stones. All this makes heavier skirts, and the dancers had to make much effort to "flutter" on stage with such weight.

From long skirts to the

Ballet costumes.

With the advent of the Soviet government priorities costume decor have changed dramatically. In place of wealth and luxury come simplicity and austerity.

To date, there are several varieties of ballet costume. Classical pack, in which the dancers can be seen today, is very short, it barely touches the thighs. Tutu sewn from 9-12 layers of fabric for rigidity it is added to a metal hoop.

From long skirts to the

Alexandra Ansanelli as Aurora from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty".

In addition to beauty, tutus in the XIX century, were fraught with real danger. In the 1850s it entered into use gas lamps, because of which the dancer burns constantly obtained. The life of one of the dancers was broken as a consequence of the accident: a pack of lit Emma Livry.