Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

Bright and unusual holiday Halloween (Halloween) pretty young for our people, but its popularity is growing. Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated in many countries and parts of the world. However, the history of its origin and tradition of the celebration known not for everyone. For many people this holiday is symbolized only by intricately carved pumpkins and scary outfits, fancy parties, and a flashmob. This is very disappointing, because the external attributes only a small part of this ancient festival, founded in pagan times. And, perhaps, it is not surprising, because the long centuries, we are trying to substitute a holiday, just delete it from the history.

Let priotkroem for themselves one of the veils of its secrets, and on the eve of perhaps the most compelling and mystical celebration of autumn, delve into its origins.

The history of the festival

Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

Holiday Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31 October to 1 November on the eve of All Saints' Day. Halloween, formerly called "Vigil Samana", was founded by the Celtic peoples and the Druids, and he was born more than two thousand years ago. Until 1845 in the United States Halloween has been banned, he was linked with death, horror and the occult. This is not surprising, as even its name is derived from the word Helavinn. Hel - Celtic goddess of death, her name translates as "the abyss", "death", and has roots with the word hell - "hell." But after filling immigrants US territories holiday not only revived, but also received a "new life" quickly spread throughout the country and continent of the new world. There are versions that tradition and history of the holiday goes deep into the pre-Christian history. Our ancestors the Celts were closely connected with nature and tried to live by its biorhythms. Thus, on October 31 was the last day of the year on the calendar, the Celts, the day when nature changes the whole rhythm of life and the human psyche, the day of harvest. With the advent of Christianity, the feast was replaced, in order to drive out the beliefs of the Druids, and dated this day, Halloween. However, the merger date gave the opposite effect and a pagan holiday not only survived, but became in the popular mind a church holiday. However, no matter how hard, to erase the spiritual part of Halloween, its mystical roots still maintain a variety of divination and magic rites.


Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

It is believed that on this day the line between worlds becomes so thin that people and spirits can penetrate into the world of each other. On this day, the winter has come to replace the fly, night follows day, and life - death. At night, on the eve of Samhain erases all barriers between the spiritual and the material, the supernatural simply steps on the ground, scaring accidentally caught at this time on the street people. This time is called - while the highest mental recovery, because even if we do something we do not see, we can feel it. Today, the ancient pagan festival was set of funny fascinating traditions. That night decided to dress up in costumes and evil forces arrange masquerades.

An essential Halloween symbol - Pumpkin Head. Pumpkin remove the entrails, cut face and inserted into a candle. Pumpkin symbolizes both the end of the harvest, the evil spirit and fire, frightening him. So strange ancient beliefs are concentrated in one subject. On this night, the children are knocking at the house screaming: "Treat or trick!" - "Help yourself, or be sorry!". If you do not bring a sacrifice, the little rogues are cruel joke on you, such as smear soot door handles.


Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

October 31 ancient Celts and Druids wondered fire on animal bones, trying to know the future, to receive instructions for the next winter. In more recent times, at Halloween, the girl guessed at future lover on the mirrors, candles and thread. On this day, when in contact past and future, a person can leave his cage time and realize the web of eternity. Of course, there are those who use it for their own selfish and evil ends. But let us leave it on their conscience.


Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

In order not to attract the attention of people walking through the land of evil spirits, people quenched the light in their homes. Lit a candle from the sacred fire of the Druids, a hearth was able to protect the house from evil spirits. People believed that the sacred fire will warm and protect the house all winter. For example, in Mexico all the Halloween cemetery covered a huge number of candles, because the torsion fields of fire are the best portal to the subtle world.


Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

The true roots of dressing in "evil" is being lost. The meaning is quite blurred, but some sources say that dressing are conservative in nature. People do not avoid their fears, but rather use them. They fight with evil spirits with their own weapons - intimidation. It's part of moral education that prepares a person to live among the hazardous conditions of wildlife.


Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration

On this day, even cleaning has a profound meaning. Collecting all the unnecessary stuff, remember all the resentment and frustration to vent all negative in the collected garbage and dispose of it, clearing not only his house, but also himself. It is desirable to celebrate the holiday in a quiet family circle, to remember our departed loved ones, light candles and prepare meals of squash and pumpkins. It is advisable to allow time for reflection and summing up the past year. Gifted with treats every guest who has come to you on Halloween. Needless meal something to remind wake. Soft music, candles, dim lights, cutlery for those who left us, as a way to express my love and respect. Some people say that in this day feel the presence of their deceased relatives and friends.

To summarize

It has long been proven that the fire flame meditation has beneficial effects on the psyche and consciousness of man. Allow yourself to relax, to put in order their lives and thoughts. Leave the candles burning all night in memory of loved ones, and to protect it from the evil of the house. Tune in to the knowledge of his soul and the subconscious. Halloween - this is another opportunity to start life from scratch.

Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration Halloween. The story of tradition and celebration