7 most annoying myths about healthy lifestyles and fitness, believe that is simply a shame

From month to month with you our electronic screens appear people so strongly convinced of the long since refuted the facts that they can not convince even the results of dozens of studies on thousands of people.

The nature of these myths is simple: for example, a group of people is how something should be arranged (for example, to lose weight - it is necessary to sweat, the more sweat, the more fat burned) and so badly infect each other with their 100% certainty that convince many it becomes almost impossible.

7 most annoying myths about healthy lifestyles and fitness, believe that is simply a shame

The most important thing: around these myths grows a whole mythological industry: these termopoyasov and secret of exercises. And often this mythology even work: the logic - something like porridge from an ax, that is, without the secret exercises and termopoyasov everything would be exactly the same. (But, shhh, do not tell anyone!) This further boosts blind faith in idiocy.

We publish a collection of myths about fitness, compiled, edited Zozhnika.

Myth 1. Allegedly sweat contains fat, and the more you sweat, the more "zhzhesh" fat

Hence, too, and food wrapping films and termopoyasov. Pathetic and ridiculous.

Look at what is says on the subject Tanya Rybakova:

Myth 2. Supposedly, you can burn belly fat (if the rock press) or on the sides (if you do tilts)

Science is not checked again: anyway hoop - fat around the waist is not out of this, it can burn only in the whole body at once. And do not exercise, and nutrition, rather. Especially fun all sorts of fitness sites with spices. exercise "how to remove the side" - "eat less," that's the whole answer.

7 most annoying myths about healthy lifestyles and fitness, believe that is simply a shame

Look closely, which is a huge demand and millions of views here such unholy repeatedly refuted blizzard.

The Myth 3. Mock should drink 2-3 liters of water per day (not counting coffee and tea), and if you do not, then you kill yourself

Drink plenty of feel and not on a schedule. The scientists tested and allowed to listen uporotyh.

The Myth 4. Allegedly need to "accelerate metabolism"

It is not necessary to disperse anyone anywhere. Everything is much simpler: if you want to lose weight - keep a small calorie deficit. It's all.

Myth 5. Supposedly there is a special secret exercises, if you do not do it and that their "here and so" there is nothing you will not work with the fat over the barrels, pathetic loser

There are no secret exercises. There are many examples where the build muscle using only three basic exercises: squat, bench press and becomes. With these same three exercises can be how to gain weight and lose (a set of question / weight reduction - has nothing to do with the exercises in general).

Myth 6. Allegedly, there is the food, from which get fat (or lose weight). And allegedly from cutting carbs lose weight even with a surplus of calories

You can dial kilos, eating only arugula with chicken breast without salt, and can be reset on the cake with ice cream - all it is only a difference of consumed and calories expended.

Any food contains calories and can be dialed from any and lose weight. But not all so simple. This myth has the details. For example, every pound of carbohydrates in the body delaying about fifteen liters of water. Based on this whole quack direction when under different sauces people cut down the intake of carbohydrates to lose weight due to water drainage (stocks that with the change of diet, of course, returned to Yes, and it is water, in any case, not fat -. Look people also ). Yes, weight loss will be even compared to a surplus of calories, but the only difference is that it is just water loss and this loss only works for the first 1, 5-2 kg of the water. But there is always a lady, who, foaming at the mouth will prove to you that cutting carbohydrates allows her to eat as much as she wants and not get fat. And carbohydrates - that's the main evil, from which the fat. Poor thing.

Myth 7 HLS - it is very difficult to

Yes, if you do not include the brain at all. But if you try at least to begin to apply efforts to realize how to live a healthy lifestyle, you will find that everything is much easier than it seems.

HLS - it is not difficult adjusted dancing in tambourines, and a set of recommendations very free scientists. You will be surprised to learn that we should not be wrapped in anything, to do special exercises, eat 6 times a day, a strictly limited set of food, drinking water, and more - healthy lifestyle - it's just a common sense approach to life.