15 children's pearls, which will lift your mood for the day!

• 15 children's pearls, which will lift your mood for the day!

15 children's pearls, which will lift your mood for the day!

So it's fun to listen to what children say: their view of the world is very different from ours. Sometimes they give out things that we would never have come to mind, but with such a serious look - upload!

We publish a brilliant children's pearl, which the parents are happy to share on the web.

Husband clean. Son ran up to me:

- Mom, have you ever seen our dad naked?

- Well, uh ...

- Hurry, look at this horror !!!


Natasha (3 years):

- Mom, why do not you give me anywhere?

- And where you have to pay?

Responds cheerfully:

- Or marry or to the ballet!


Daughter (7 years) watching Animal Planet and asks, "Mom, what kind of animal - volunteers?"


Getting ready for school. I ask the son (6, 5 years):

- What is the hard work, Kostik?

- It is when it is difficult to love, right?


Timokha (2 years) for a long time sitting on the pot. I AM:

- Tim, what's up?

- Good.

- You pokakal?

- No.

- Then what is "good"?

- Well, I live in the world!


The child looks performance of an opera singer and says: "And when we are in the garden so Orem, we curse ..." ***

We go to a large supermarket at the entrance to ask the daughter (4 years):

- What did you buy?

In response to a couple of seconds:

- Still I do not know, but two!


At the table, Dan served bread and ask:

- What do you say?

- Oils!


"Mom, tie me to the apron, I'll wash the dishes!"


- And we Danilo fought today! He beat me, and I - him!

- Why do you fight?

- We are fighting for the top spot for good behavior!


Roma (5 years) is interested in:

- Dad, you're really sneaky?

- No, not cowardly?

- And why did you sleep with my mother? One afraid?


Sonny month before the New Year gives me: "Mom, you still do not buy that candy - the coast of teeth."


Ghosh (3, 5 years) is sick. Comes the doctor:

- Well, gosh, and what did you get sick?

Gosh very efficiently:

- Your mother and I, too, would like to know it.


The mother of one child - naive and inexperienced as a rookie in the army. Mother of two children - relaxed and confident as demobilization. Mom of three children - a SWAT.