11 working ways to get a little smarter every day

• 11 working ways to get a little smarter every day

Intelligence, as the body requires proper nutrition and regular exercise. Keep it in good shape - especially at your disposal are a few proven IQ-simulators.

We know that the memory can be trained, learn a foreign language or memorizing poetry, the body - yoga and physical exercise. But all this requires will and considerable disability.

11 working ways to get a little smarter every day

We offer 11 is not the most obvious ways to become smarter without much effort by scientists. And tell how sugar, water and computer games affect our brains.

1. Within 30 minutes after waking drink two glasses of water. Water is essential for our body to filter toxins and maintain the balance of fluids. When we sleep, we do not drink for 6-9 hours. Two large glasses of water make up for this deficiency. Studies involving children also show that when students drink a lot of water, they cope better with the intellectual tasks.

2. During breakfast, read book reviews. Newspapers and news feeds are not the best choice for a good morning. Be aware of the most useful new books will brief retelling of new publications in the field that interests you. To subscribe to reviews use applications such as smartreading or knigikratko (book in Russian), Blinkist and getAbstract. 3. On the way to work listen to podcasts or audiobooks. This is an easy and enjoyable way to keep learning. An excellent source of valuable information will lecture TED portal (their mobile app allows you to upload audio files in advance, without any extra spending on mobile internet).

4. At work, drink green tea. Green tea (particularly powdered Japanese match) contains L-theanine. This amino acid residue improves concentration and reduces stress without causing drowsiness.

5. arrange a siesta. Short naps refreshing thought process and increases the effectiveness of training. On average, most people feel the need for sleep is between noon and 16.00, as well as in the region of six in the evening. This is the perfect time to relax.

6. Limit your intake of sugar. It is best to give it up altogether. But if you are not ready for such drastic measures, try to at least do not have a sweet tooth at the time of intensive work. Increase and subsequent sharp decline in the level of blood sugar is bad for thinking abilities. "Peppy" brain fatty acids contained in the eggs or fish.

7. Go into social networking and entertainment sites on only one or two times a day. The brain adapts to the type of information you are downloading it. If you bombardiruete it is quickly replaced, nestimuliruyuschim content, concentration of attention is inevitably reduced. If you are prone to procrastination, start the timer: as a senseless scroll ribbon social network will not go away the hours and days. 8. Instead of watching TV serials and play games. Watching TV - a passive activity and often completely useless. Try switching to video games. German issledovateli2 found that even such uncomplicated game like Super Mario, has a significant impact on the plasticity of the brain.

9. Learn basic programming. Programming is like solving a puzzle. It is a powerful stimulator of logical abilities. With the new online resources (eg, scratch.mit.edu or Russian-speaking Foxford) it can even learn the schoolboy. And what do you say exactly the right ...

10. Communicate with scholars. Habits are contagious, and not just bad. Way of life and thinking of the people around you are sure to impose on you print. Let the circle of your communication will get those who have a lot to learn.

11. Walk. While walking improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, and the level of stress hormones is greatly reduced. Walk in the middle of the day - it is recharged up to late in the evening.