"Puzelya" and other table games: amused than in pre-revolutionary Russia

• "Puzelya" and other table games: amused than in pre-revolutionary Russia

In the XIX century ladies and gentlemen entertained not only balls and hunting. Great popularity at the time had board games. Fun selected to suit all tastes. Many of the games safely moved from one century to another, only the names have changed a little. Mysterious "puzelya" were nothing more than like a puzzle, and the naval battle called the air.


Puzzles gained popularity only in the 1990s, t. To. Do not let this game in the USSR. But in the Russian Empire folding pieces into a single image was extremely popular. That's just not folded puzzle and puzelYa. This word is pronounced in the German manner, "puzel".


The game "Air Battle" in the case, 1910.

Who has not played in the "sea battle" going on a trip by rail. In pre-revolutionary Russia, you can find an analogue of the fun, but under the name of "Dogfight". The velvet-set case was the color field and molded tiles.

The colored box to play "Dogfight".

"on the Nikolaev railway journey"

The purpose of the game: how to "drive" as soon as possible by rail from a point "A" to point "B", throwing dice on the queue. The role of the chips perform small cast locomotives.

"Wolf and Sheep"

In the game "Wolf and Sheep" take four people involved. The task of playing for the wolves to get around dog kennels, and eat sheep. The rest - The guards, dogs and sheep - should prevent predators. If Wolf end moves - he lost. The sheep are safe.

"Playing jib"

The name of the board game "The gusek" means that players have to move around the cells to each other, ie. E. Jib. In addition, on the playing field shows the geese, the relevant category of the game. Rules are standard: who first gets to the field under the number "36", the won.

board game "The jib".