Prospects of Madrid "Real" in the coming season

• The prospects of Madrid "Real" in the coming season

Care of Zinedine Zidane from his post as head coach of Madrid "Real" has become one of the major sensations of the summer. No less suddenly look and purpose Hulena Julen Lopetegui, and especially the events that followed.

The campaign ended "Real" has managed the third time in a row to get the victory in the Champions League, which has not yet managed to anyone. Obviously, Zidane felt that he could not give anything fundamentally new team, which consists of nothing but stars, and decided to leave his post.

However, the final reason for his departure is unknown, as well as the future of some players in the "cream". Fans of the team have many years waiting for the loud transfers, and instead get the signing of promising young players. This is all the more painful in the light of the fact that the main competitor - "Barcelona" - recently spent just crazy money for players:

  • Dembele;
  • Coutinho;
  • Paulinho.

The first transfers of summer 2018 is also not credible - a goalkeeper Lugansk "Dawn" Andrei Lunin, as well as the defender of "Sociedad" Odriosola. It is clear that the guys promising, but needs whether "Real" Madrid right now in them - the big question.

Prospects of Madrid

Watch football online with "Royal Club" has now become much easier thanks to advances in technology.

The objectives for next season

Now before Julen Lopetegui and now faces a difficult task - to return to the capital title. This will make it particularly difficult against the backdrop of the fact that last year the main competitor, "Barcelona", was able to issue a record unbeaten run.

However, the "Real" missing stars of the first magnitude for the task. You also can not give the competitors a chance in the Champions League, because in recent years the club has taught them to regular victories. With all of this Julen Lopetegui is necessary to carry out the restructuring of the team, because the coming of age of players care, and adequate replacement for them yet. This is what can compel the players to enter the transfer market.

Many fans also experienced about what Julen Lopetegui will not be able to find a common language with the top stars of the club. As they saw Zidane unquestionable authority, but about the Spanish coach this until you tell me. On the other hand, many players (especially local) he knows well even from a young age. All because Julen Lopetegui coached the youth team in Spain. Let's see, ask himself whether he has a career in the club and if he can get out of the shadow of his predecessor, who was a true idol.