Amazing facts about Apple

• Surprising facts about Apple's

This company has an incredible amount of money.

Amazing facts about Apple

1. Google pays companies Tim Cook 3 billion dollars a year just for the fact that Apple left Google as the default search.

Exceptions are made only for Russia (the amount paid by Yandex, has not been disclosed) and China (Baidu).

2. For the 2017 App Store users spend on in-app purchases an amount greater than the annual revenue McDonalds network worldwide.

3. Contrary to the misconception about the "unique Japanese Soup" in Japan Apple - a real monopoly.

The company controls about 70% in quantitative terms, the market, and almost 90% in value. Competitors simply do not have.

4. Apple Watch is much more popular than people think. 3 quarter Apple makes more devices than all Swiss companies together.

Amazing facts about Apple

5. Notwithstanding the profitability, Apple regularly borrows money. The company has accumulated debts by as much as 100 billion. The reason is that most of the money is in foreign accounts, and to borrow money for the payment of dividends is more profitable than paying taxes.

Amazing facts about Apple

6. The funds on the balance sheet from Apple is not just a lot, but how much ohrenet. Taking into account debts, at the disposal of Apple is $ 170 billion. This is slightly less than profitable part of the federal budget for 2017. The company has already paid shareholders nearly $ 250 billion over the past 7 years.

7. Apple has successfully sold the phone to one and the same design for a whole five years. First it was the iPhone 5, which appeared in 2012, then the iPhone 5s, in 2013, and then the iPhone SE, which is exactly the same case has been available in stores until the end of 2017. In the Android world, it is simply unthinkable.