Rules of life of the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas

• The rules of life of the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas

Rules of life of the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas

Before the game I always do two things: touch the top of the crossbar and put on socks inside out.

My biggest fear of health problems. Scared of getting sick with something.

Play football - it's a privilege.

Football takes a lot of time. While my friends enjoyed young, I spent time in training and travel. But football has given me a lot.

I no longer twenty years old when I liked to hang out with friends. I have become more closed, I like to be at home.

Holy Iker - it's just a nice and beautiful name.

I'm not a saint, but quite the contrary.

I made many mistakes. I study them and try not to repeat them.

The most difficult game of my life - the finals in South Africa World Cup (Spain became champion in 2010 -. Esquire).

Football makes people happy. After our victory Madrid roared at the world championships, the streets were crowded with people on their balconies hung the national flag. Nobody complained. It is important.

Talented person accompanies good luck. But it can get away from you at any time. Will only talent. I consider myself a talented person.

Ronaldo and Messi - the two best players in the world. They compete with each other, and we enjoy.

The task of a football player - train, eat right, get enough sleep, to love what he does, and to crave victory.

We are all humans. The game affects everyone - the fans and the general spirit of the team.

I was most annoying contemptuous criticism. There are people who talk a lot but do not know how to analyze. It is easy to criticize without knowing the situation from within.

The coach does not scold, and gives instructions. His criticism is always positive.

Showing emotion - this is normal.

I was lucky: I started a family in adulthood when you have the opportunity to enjoy children and spending time with them.

My children - my greatest achievement in life. And that through football, I brought joy to many people.

If my children want to become figure skaters, I will not mind. I want them to be happy.

I want to continue playing football. Where, how and with whom - I do not know. But I want to stay in the game.