Residential garages in Sochi

• Residential garages in Sochi

My husband and I came to work in Sochi, about 6 years ago, and so it decided to stay. I'm talking about residential garages had not heard and when I saw these structures were, to put it mildly, surprised. By the way, here we give up everything that can pass. Even the chicken coop. there was a demand. Especially if it is located within walking distance from the sea.

Residential garages in Sochi

Actually, garage society where we live.

However, on closer examination, it was not so scary. Living here all sorts of people. And the owners themselves, and tenants. Build 3-4-5 floors. As far as the resources and imagination. If possible, all being built just a few days. I heard that somewhere in Sochi there is a garage in the 9th floor, but she did not see him. For what has bought, as they say ...

Normally, leave behind all floors. And if you want to take, then each floor trim as a separate apartment. In this case, often build a narrow spiral staircase near the garage.

Residential garages in Sochi Residential garages in Sochi

As a rule, rent garages for long-term, rather than daily. Material removal rates at roughly the same as in the same apartment area. But communal out more.

Communication conducted. There is water, sewage, electricity. They began to carry out the gas, but the authorities covered up the matter.

The people are more likely to live garages that can not afford to buy an apartment or a house. They buy a garage, 1 floor trim, so you can somehow live. And then slowly build on.

But there are exceptions. For example, living in the neighborhood, if I am not mistaken, the tax officer. It has 2 garages and a combined 4 floors built. A good house.

Residential garages in Sochi Residential garages in Sochi

In general, residential garages is a state within a state such things. There is a tire, in one of the fitness garages. Even the sauna was, but it was burned.

A lot of families with children. Almost every second garage. But what to say, even a plot in the children's clinic there. Hospitals, schools are nothing new address: c / c "So and so" # xxx.

Here you can easily call a taxi, food delivery to the garages. But here, for example, the parcel is not zakazhesh.

Before mass events garages bypass with "census". Check register and ask questions. But if all the documents in order, then there is no problem.

Residential garages in Sochi

Of course all of this is illegal. We initially looked at it all, like my husband and I also purchased a residential garage. But now they changed their minds. The owners are suing over the years, trying to formalize the ownership of these buildings. How much money was invested in the construction of the first, followed by litigation. It may happen that all these garages simply demolish it ... Nobody is compensated. No, of course, some families lived for generations. But no one is safe.

Residential garages in Sochi Residential garages in Sochi

Ask if something seemed interesting. I will try to tell you more.

P.s. There are also "boathouse" on the beach, but the boat is certainly not there.