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• History of copies "Mona Lisa"

It is hardly possible today to find a picture that could compete with the "Mona Lisa" in the fame and popularity. Which, of course, can not be said about its numerous copies. Copies of the "Mona Lisa" were created many years and in such quantities that they almost completely lost its value. One of these paintings for a long time was in Madrid's Prado Museum, until one day the critics have not figured out the ins and outs of this work of art.

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Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

His famous painting Da Vinci "Mona Lisa" has received, after several attempts to steal it. Now painting hangs behind thick bulletproof glass, behind the fence, so consider any details directly to the Louvre, where the picture is almost impossible. And yet, here it is usually a crowd of tourists, each of whom is trying to take a picture for memory.

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The painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, hidden behind bulletproof glass.

"Mona Lisa" is stored in the Prado, especially one of the visitors are not interested. There was never the crowds, there was no need somehow in a special way to protect the picture ... but that all changed in 2010, during the planned restoration work.

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Figure Raphael based on a portrait of the Mona Lisa.

The author of "Mona Lisa of the Prado" has never been known. The painting depicts a woman who is very similar to the character Da Vinci paintings, sitting in the same pose on a black background. Colors were definitely brighter than the original. Experts believe that this painting has created a little-known Flemish artist from the fact that the painting was created in several layers and is framed by an oak frame, which is just used in the area at the time.

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The Mona Lisa of the Prado to the restoration work.

During the restoration of a sudden it turned out that, firstly, the frame was not made of oak, and walnut - expensive wood, which was used by Leonardo himself. And secondly, the black background was not part of the original cloth. It is likely to have imposed in the early 1700s. Experts very carefully removed the coat of paint, and under it to everyone's surprise, turned out to be background, almost identical to the background Mony Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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The Mona Lisa of the Prado.

This discovery was followed by a more thorough study of the painting. Critics have concluded that this is not just a copy, but most likely the work of one of the disciples of Da Vinci - Francesco Melzi and Salai. Apparently, students create a picture at the same time with the master, watching the work of his teacher. Using infrared scanning, even managed to figure out how to look the original sketches of the artist, on top of which is already later than one coat of paint was laid.

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A fragment of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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A fragment of a masterpiece copies.

The two pictures are very similar, but clearly not identical. Slightly different perspective, just another face, a little differently depicted small details ... Experts have not yet come to a general conclusion, the same colors have already been used to create two paintings, but even have the facts that are already known, made "the Mona Lisa of the Prado" is so famous, that she had also had my own, albeit small army of fans. Being a long time unnoticed by the public, now it is one of the main exhibits of the museum, and certainly the most expensive of all existing copies of famous masterpieces.

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Mona Lisa in the Louvre and the Mona Lisa of the Prado.

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Now, a copy of the Mona Lisa is one of the central exhibits of the Prado Museum.