"Pink is always in fashion!" Or two stories about women who choose to live like Barbie

So instituted, that has long pink represents the girl, and blue - the boy. Since childhood, little princesses almost accustom to this color, but all should be in moderation, even as a child. Time is running out and replaced by a beautiful children's dresses come strict office suits and puppets are so loved as a child, we play, gathering dust in the closet, along with a forgotten teddy bears, bunnies and various other plush animals.

But as it turned out, not all forget that they are far from being a little girl. For some pink color to become a full-fledged mania. It is about two such women today we will tell you about. But do not judge them strictly, because everyone has their "cockroaches" in the head.

Barbie from Los Angeles and its "pink" life

Azusa Sakamoto - is a great example of how you can go crazy at the sight of not only soft pink negligee, but also pots, teapots, curtains and so on. Despite the fact that women are over thirty-six years old, she was a fanatical fan of all with the label "Barbie," and does not get tired to be proud of themselves and their own home. For Azusa there is nothing more beautiful than the next pink tee shirt, dress or handbag, but besides all this, she herself is trying to look like Barbie.

By profession female fashion model, and as you probably already guessed, virtually all of their income is spent on something that both she and her house was completely filled with pink. Azusa has also an impressive collection of Barbie dolls, which in total is estimated at eighty thousand dollars. Woman proud of its collection and said that never in his life did not part with it, because each of these dolls almost dear to her.

We should also talk about what is a house or a "Barbie Castle" at Azusa opinion. Everything in it to be, pink, and if it happens that you need a thing to buy Sakamoto looking for it in pink. If suddenly the right thing there, a woman buys what there, but happy to repaint it in ... well, as you should all understand. These are the changes undergone refrigerator, bed, chairs and so on.

In an interview Azusa said, "I have everything in this beautiful pale pink and deep pink color. Fridge, shelves, stools, chairs in the kitchen, table, my cosmetics, curtains, carpets, bedspreads and even the bathroom. Apart from that, I very much value your nail polish with the name "Barbie". With all my clothes as well as shelves and in the bathroom, it is all pink. I did not even know such a subject in his home, which he had not been painted in pink. Yes, I'm a little crazy, but I trudge on, I try to live like Barbie. By the way, I have the nature of black hair, but I was able to paint them in pink! ".

Do not think that only Azusa suddenly fell to my childhood. Not only in America, but Russia can meet fans of Barbie. Such people stand out is always in sight, and so they have a lot of fans. Our heroine for the first time bought a Barbie doll in the seventeen years, and since then it has become not only to collect them, but gradually transform ourselves into a standard of beauty. "I wake up in the morning in the pink pajamas, under a pink blanket and go to brew tea itself of a pink teapot. What could be better? "- speak Azusa.

Among other things, she even cooks for himself meal pink color, and it turns out she has a special thanks to the dyes. Azusa said she anybody can hurt, especially in his time in front of her was a choice, stay gray mouse or transformed, and she believes she made the right choice. "We have one life, and live it must be cool!" - says the woman.

Kitten Kay Sera - the pink personality in Hollywood

In his fifty-two years, Kitten Kay Sera lives surrounded by pink. Her villa hardly possible to find something that will stand out from the overall color scheme.

Among other things, Kitten Kay Sera does not want even her darling stood out from the whole picture. Therefore dog fur is also chip in pink.

Kitten recently recognized the most pink persona in Hollywood, and she really deserves this title. What do you think, whether such a passion normally this color?