Rules for the choice of men's suit

Choice of costume - it is art. And knowledge of the type of figure - the first step towards its development. Especially for Esquire British tailors have made a statement that will help you during the fitting.

Rules for the choice of men's suit

For the big man of medium height

Will Adams, Kilgour

Many believe that the perfect fitting suit hugs the body, but we are not all stacked like mannequins. Suit should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. Let not the jacket fits, and drapes figure. It is better if buckram jacket stitched, not glued - in this case, the jacket retains its shape, even when the long hanging on a hanger. Stop the choice on the classic British silhouette jacket - "hourglass". If you have a massive neck, avoid shirts with pointed collars: it might seem because of them that the shirt you small

For a big man taller than average

Nina Penlington, Gieves & Hawkes

Solid three-piece suit - your ideal choice. Just do not wear a fitted jacket or shortened. Shirt and tie should be open enough to distract the eye from the stomach. Make sure that

Vest closes the upper edge of the trousers. If you order a dress in the studio and choosing cloth in small patterns, it is best to sew all three of one kind of tissue. We finished jackets for big people usually huge shoulders, so podyschu good tailor who can take in them, without changing the shape of his jacket.

For the athletically built man with broad shoulders and narrow hips

Edward Sexton

If you have broad shoulders, the shoulder pad is not necessary. You will loose-fitting suit, but fitted. The shape of the trouser leg from the knee to the flap can be seen on modern or old-fashioned style. If you have wide hips, make sure that when walking pants do not hold down movement. You fit pants, tapering downwards. By the same principle, choose a jacket: Make sure that the shoulder sleeve free area, and from the elbow to the cuff, he narrowed.

Rules for the choice of men's suit

For the big man shorter than average

Toby Lamb, Richard James

Men with excess weight is better to wear a suit of thick fabric: it is not too stretched. When sewing is desirable to make the shoulders wider than a little jacket. It is imperative that the coat is not pulled in the area of ​​the middle button. Vest significantly decorate a large man, hiding most of the shirt, and a deep V-neck will give harmony. Pants with suspenders are a great option for a man with a big belly. Avoid overly narrow trouser legs and remember: visually extended trouser leg is pulled up.

For high of subtle men

Tom Uidett and Luke Sweeney, Thom Sweeney

Lean and athletic men suit jackets with both the lining and without it. However, in jackets with heavy beading chest will seem more powerful. Particularly well create the illusion of broad shoulders and sculptural silhouette double-breasted jackets. Textural fabrics also add weight. If you want to appear less skinny, choose jackets with large collar and tie a tie knot volume. Avoid heavy shoes, if you do not want your legs look like a pair of old cast iron irons.

For evil men below average height

Carey Campbell, Huntsman

Extra Long sleeve jacket and exacerbate the problem of awkward shape. The jacket should be sewn based on individual characteristics, with narrow lapels will help lengthen the torso. When choosing material, remember: the darker, the better. Light colors increase the volume, but the dark blue and graphite colors "sharpen" silhouette and emphasize the elegance of the shape. You fit trousers with a slightly low-slung. The width of the bottom of the sleeve about 20 cm or longer optimal if trousers with no adhesive qualities too femur and tibia.