What happened after the shooting with "Mustang" from the movie "Bullitt"

• What happened after the shooting with "Mustang" from the movie "Bullitt"

In 1968, screens out the legendary film "Bullitt" with no less than the legendary Steve McQueen in the title role. Almost everyone in the world has seen avtofanat chase from this film. And if the main star of the greatest cop thriller became Steve McQueen, the main star of the best car chases in movie history - it is certainly green 390 GT V8 Ford Mustang. What happened after the shooting with the famous car - read the sequel.

What happened after the shooting with What happened after the shooting with

The filming of the chase and in particular are in fact two "Mustang" were involved, provided for the filming of the company Ford. The cars were brought well-known veteran racer Max Balchovski. Screen "enemy" to "Mustang" is not made less steep V8 Dodge Charger.

What happened after the shooting with

So I look one of the two "Mustangs", who found in a landfill. It appears to be repainted.

It was believed that after the film is one of the "Mustang" was put into scrap. However, he was found in a landfill in the Mexican desert and restored to its original state. As for the second car after the shooting, she was sent in for repair, and then it was bought by one of the Warner Brothers studio staff.

What happened after the shooting with

The announcement, in which Bob bought a car.

He, after some time, he sold the car, and in 1974 the car was again put up for sale. She bought a newspaper ad Bob Kiernan instead its an old MGB GT. Bob was drawn to the fact that the car starred in the movie "Bullitt" and on it went himself, Steve McQueen.

What happened after the shooting with

A letter from Steve McQueen Bob Kiernan with a proposal for the purchase of "Mustang".

In 1977, Bob left Steve McQueen with a proposal to buy a car, but Bob refused. It seems very much liked his car.

Unfortunately, in 1979, the car broke down and it somehow did not repair. So immobilized car stood for many years. All this time the fans "Bullitt" speculated and unsuccessfully searched the car. Her fate became overgrown with various rumors and gossip. And it would continue it's still unknown how much, if one day the son of Bob - Sean Kiernan did not tell his boss Casey Wallace - storekeeper automotive paints and supplies, serving Sean - the unique car, which he got from his father. And then it began to turn.

Casey was one of the founders of Spyplane Films. Director of Spyplane Films and friend Casey Wallace - Ken Horstmann worked on the film, the plot of which lay a story about how two teens found "Mustang" from "Bullitt" and the bad guys are trying to take away from it them. It is an ordinary story, and a very unusual and fateful coincidence. Upon learning that the garage is worth a true legend Sean Casey decided in any cost to restore it, to show the public and take in his film.

What happened after the shooting with

But not all so simple, then followed by a whole series of checks which should confirm their participation in the shooting of the machine, "Bullitt." After all these formalities and Sean Casey contacted the head of service of Ford vehicles by Michael Berardi, who provided significant support in the project of restoration of the car. He also offered to provide this find at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2018, together with the presentation of Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019. Of course, Sean agreed, and started training, which lasted about six months.

What happened after the shooting with

So in January 2018 has arrived, and the platform rolled out two cars. One of them lived a long and wonderful life, it has become a true legend. The second - a tribute to the legend and its creators. The now legendary "Mustang" will star in the film as the protagonist, and then, perhaps, will take pride of place in the garage Sean Kiernan - a man who did his best to green 390 GT V8 Ford Mustang took the place of honor in history.