The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Pushkinists carefully monitor the fate of the great poet's heirs, but the descendants of Dantes did not wish to remember. Is may be worthwhile children and grandchildren of the man who killed the Russian genius? But whatever fate was forever inscribed in the history of Dantes par with Pushkin, that fateful duel giving him immortality. Here are just a Russian poet's name has become a kind of a curse for Georges heirs. Shadow of the ill-fated duel still surrounds descendants Dantes and not allow them to find ways to deal with the heirs of Pushkin.

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Fatal Attraction daughter Dantes

In 1840, at the family estate in Soultz Dantes was born the daughter of Leonie-Charlotte. Admiring the baby grows up, George hardly could have imagined that in her face insidious fate deal a crushing blow to him in the back. It Leonia became his curse and a perpetual reminder of the duel, killed Russian poet and Russia.

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Daughters Dantes: From left to right: Leoni, Matilda, Bertha. Watercolor Leopold Fischer. 1843

Leonie-Charlotte differed extraordinary intelligence, innovative thinking and a tendency to exact sciences. She easily took home the full Ecole Polytechnique training. Already for these talents French girl of those years could christen abnormal, because ideally, she should be interested in other things. But fatal to Leonie Dantes was not the math, and unfathomable love for Russia and Pushkin. The Russian language was banned in the family Dantes, but the girl alone to master it. Pushkin became Leonia true idol, and a father she saw the embodiment of the hated man interrupted the life of a great genius. The fatal bullet overtook poet Dantes years later in the form of accusations of her own daughter.

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Catherine Dantes (Goncharov) - the wife of the killer of Pushkin and the mother of his children.

Russian poet became a kind of icon of Leonia. Her room was filled with his portraits and bookshelves filled with his writings. Many of the works she learned by heart, as if prayers by heart. She knew not only of the poem, but even entire episodes of "The Captain's Daughter". Pushkin's spirit for life, was an impenetrable wall between Dantes and Leon, who in one of his father's killer called quarrels and never communicated with him.

While living in France, it is all my soul was a real Russian. Leonia was idolized Pushkin and was in love with his homeland - Russia, where she was not able to visit. All this has led to the recognition of girls insane. Dantes annoying constant reminder about Pushkin and Russian. He placed the daughter in the clinic for the mentally ill in Paris, where she spent more than 20 years and died in 1888

The fate of Dantes and his other children

Dantes image-killers, which invariably occurs in the minds of Russian to French is different. George lived a long life, he has done an excellent political career and raised on legs four children, and has not married after his wife's death. He was an excellent mayor of Soultz, where thanks to it appeared the first water supply and urban sewage. Only Leon Sharlottta become a dark spot on a light behalf of well-behaved family man. But with no evidence for certain, it is difficult to say it was really insane or just his Russian soul was irritated father.

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

other children Life Dantes there was more prosaic, with little twists of fate. Matilda daughter married Louis General Matmana. Berta Josephine became fashionable lady and wife of Count vandals. Son of Louis-Joseph no career did not. He settled in the family castle and held numerous vineyards estates.

The paradoxes of fate great grandson of Dantes

Shadow Pushkin pursues even today the descendants of Dantes. The fate of the Baron de Lothaire Gekkerna can find a lot of amazing coincidences. None of the heirs of Pushkin did not write a single line, afraid to be in the shadow of the glorious ancestor. Great-grandson of Dantes not only writes poetry (also a pen), but even published his collection dedicated to the great Russian poet. Translated selections symbolic name sounds - "Perish together with Pushkin." Lauter hopes that his creation are buying for the sake of poetry, and not to boast in the presence of a descendant of the book Dantes. Like his great-grandfather, he brought up the children - his wife left him for another.

Giving an interview in 2006, a journalist from Russia, Baron showed grave Dantes and his Russian wife in the family vault. In this case, Lauter said buried here and a teacher who instilled in him a love of literature. Contrary to tradition, in a nobleman's crypt for it has been allocated a place. Does this story remind about Arina Rodionovna? Baron sincerely sad that none of the family members do not care about the fate of the crypt.

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Baron Lauter - Dantes descendant living today.

Living in Nantes Lauter - another descendant of Dantes, whose name Pushkin was not an empty phrase. But unlike Leonia he is confident that his great-grandfather not to blame for the death of the poet, because everything was fair. Baron believes Dantes just wanted to be loved, and the poet loved a duel and "Statement shroud woven himself."

The descendants of Georges d'Anthes: how their fate

Pushkin's duel with Dantes

Lauter wants to explain to the heirs of Pushkin, but they are not ready to have this honor. The doors of their houses shut for Dantes, and no one seeks first to offer a hand of reconciliation even after almost two centuries.