Little-known facts about the "Russian Knights"

• Little-known facts about the "Russian Knights"

Over the 27 years of its existence the aerobatic team "Russian Knights" in three plane crashes lost six pilots, including the commander of the air group. According to the official, in the two accidents were guilty of the pilots themselves.

Little-known facts about the

Fatal Clear

The death of Colonel Boris Grigoriev and lieutenant Grechanova Nicholas, Nicholas and Alexandra Kordyukova cheeses occurred in late 1995 in Vietnam, on the approach to the base of the Pacific Fleet Cam Ranh. A group of five Su-27 and one IL-76 returned from Malaysia where the "Russian Knights" took part in the demonstrations. The Cam Ranh they were ordered to refuel before flying home. On the December day, the weather was unfavorable on the Cam Ranh - to severe cloudiness was added downpour. In such weather conditions, there was a special procedure for landing at the airport air groups - one at a kilometer distance between planes. However, IL-76 commander, Major-General Vladimir Grebennikov decided to take a group.

As a result of the fact that Grebennikov failed to respond in time for a close encounter with a mountain of sagging group of fighters and gave a command to climb, three Su-27 almost simultaneously cut into the rock. Sam Il rescued pilot Sergey Rusk, who managed in the last seconds to send the plane to a safe course. Grebennikov after 2 years was given 6 years in prison with a stay in a penal colony. But this sentence, he escaped -osvobodili amnesty.

According to the official version of the commander himself was guilty of

In August 2009, the airfield in Zhukovsky podmoskovskom crash occurred as a result of which the commander of the aerobatic team "Russian Knights" Colonel Igor Tkachenko died Guard. Groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" (a total of 9 aircraft) conduct joint training flight before the performance at MAKS. Igor Tkachenko was in one of the driven fighter, separated from the main group to perform the maneuver. Su-27 aerobatic team commander struck the nose of the second fighter. Both aircraft crashed to the ground, their pilots ejected. Have survived all but Tkachenko and one of the local residents of the holiday village, which collapsed wreckage of the aircraft commander aerobatic team - the woman has died from his injuries.

It has been several versions of the causes of the crash and the death of Igor Tkachenko. The Colonel was considered one of the most highly qualified military pilots Russia, hundreds of times to perform complex aerial somersaults on the cutting-edge domestic and foreign fighters. Therefore, the fact that the accident occurred due to his fault, many refuse to believe until now.

Not until the end, it was clear, and as the dead pilot - put forward as many as 4 version of his death - claiming that he ejected, killed because the parachute did not open, a different assumption, the parachute was kindled, the third hypothesis was reduced to a low altitude, not allowing catapulted Tkachenko to commit successful landing. And finally, according to the fourth version, the commander of "Russian Knights" was killed in the plane, when fighter collision.

The reason for the catastrophe - fighter failure

Two years ago, on one of the suburban settlements crashed Su-27 aerobatic team "Russian Knights" by Sergey Eremenko controlled. The pilot was killed after performing a demonstration flight, timed to coincide with the opening of a monument to Russian aviators - fighter heading to the airfield "Knights" in Kubinka.

In fighter Eremenko failed engine, the plane caught fire. The pilot was able to take the Su-27 in the non-residential area, so after his fall on earth no one was hurt. Later, the expert commission has determined that the most probable cause of the accident was the fault technical fighter.