"The house, which was got wrong" or some nondescript-looking buildings, of which the wing is so terrible stories that them from harm's way, it was decided to destroy

Some fans mystics claim that conventional brick walls of houses can absorb the fear, anger and pain of people who once lived in them. I do not know how justified these ideas, but you will agree, if you live in a place where once enacted some kind of bloody and chilling tragedy, unwittingly becomes somehow a little uncomfortable.

Indeed, calmly sipping kofeek on the veranda, where once someone was shot, to repair the car in the garage, where a couple of years ago, was hanging in the loop of the former owner of the house, or sweet snuffle in the crib, where a bloodthirsty maniac once strangled and "dismantled for parts" unsuspecting hostess, it would be more difficult for even the most skeptical and brave.

In any case, no matter whether you believe in mysticism or not to demolish those very tatty-looking houses, which we will tell you in our today's article, regret, certainly no one will, because of them can be safely It says that this is the place where when something really bad has registered. So there you go!

"Castle-killer Henry Holmes"

Henry Howard Holmes, forever entered the history of criminology as the first US serial killer. This person (if it is, of course, can be called a human being), on the conscience of which, according to various estimates, hanging between 20 and 100 maimed and mutilated corpses, built for their "little innocent amusement" a small hotel and went down in history sad nickname of "Castle-killer Henry Holmes."

Holmes, which, depending on the mood and location manyachnyh stars in the sky, scored his victims to death, strangled, cut and even rumored to be gassed, has equipped his beloved brainchild of a network of treacherous traps, secret passages and even a small "factory on disposal of corpses" in the cellar. The bodies of the victims on the sly system of mines, trenches and manholes fell straight into the vats of lime and acid, and Gorny skeletons, thus purified by the flesh, enterprising maniac sold to medical schools and universities.

In the end, the police managed to expose and arrest Holmes, who without long delays unanimously sentenced to death, Enforcement of May 7, 1896. As for the Castle-killer, the first attempt to erase the serial killer's lair with the face of the earth was made even before on the neck of the Holmes delayed loop when some unknown arsonist threw in the upper floors of buildings firebombed.

Unfortunately, the fire could not destroy the castle killer fully and ugly building stood a grim reminder of the Chicago streets until the late 1930s. Only then will the city authorities decided to demolish the spooky house once and for all, and to build a post office in his place. Eventually, the Castle killer was only an underground tunnel with a secret trapdoor through which Henry Holmes was hoping to escape from the police in the event of a raid on the house.

"The Lair of the Devil"

notorious school shooter Adam Lanza shocked the entire state of Connecticut, where in December 2012 the first shot at his home his sleeping mother and then went to the local primary school, "Sandy Hook" and perpetrate it cruelly the children and teachers.

After this terrible incident, a house in which Lanza lived with his mother, and in the bedroom which opened the list of the victims of that sad day, had been confiscated by the bank, and soon transferred to the city authorities. Dull building that locals dubbed "Devil's Den", to stand on the outskirts of Newtown until the spring of 2015, when local officials are under pressure from activists, who did not want every day to go to work past the "house mother of Adam Lanza," yet decided to demolish sad famous house out of sight.

All the things that were inside the house, carried outside and burned, so that no one from the local did not occur to drag itself from the ruins of a couple of "souvenirs" in memory and then sell them to fans Tchernuha on eBay. Remaining after the bare walls and foundation of flattened construction team, and is now in place, "Devil's Den" flaunts a blank flat land.

Home Clown Killer

A small cozy house of the infamous "serial killer clown" John Gacy smashed brick by brick in the spring of 1979, when the police and forensic experts thoroughly searched land in search of corpses of tortured maniac boys and teenagers.

When the remains of all 33 psychopath victims, who in his free rape, torture and murder while moonlighting on children's charity matinees in the form of a cheerful clown Pogo, finally managed to bring into the light of God, the authorities left the place, leaving a derelict house and rummaged land to show off to the delight of neighbors.

Only officials morally matured in 1988 in order to, finally, to level the ground at the former site of Gacy construction equipment and resell it for development, prompting a sigh of relief many locals who already rather tired of admiring the sinister " hole "in the slender ranks of neat houses and retell each other scary stories about the ghosts of children in a vacant lot.