"For the first time in first class" or some very unusual schools in different parts of the world

Let me, we will try to guess what thoughts immediately come to your mind when you hear the word "school". Before fatigued the eye of children and adolescents, certainly, appear endless streams of meaningless homework, school toilets, which perfectly would look in some new film about the "Silent Hill", and are overweight aunties in jackets that broadcast about the sublime and excellent Russian literature of the 19th century.

In the case of parents, "flowers of life" school-age things get worse. In my thoughts involuntarily float trips to the director because of a broken vase Dear Pigweed Ivanovna bribes for a certificate and endless requisitions for new school desks.

So, guys, you can breathe easy. We are it will not. We'll be more fun. Today we decided to tell our readers about a couple of very unusual type of school education, which can not be compared even not unknown restaurant number 44 in Krasnoyarsk (who recently drove to find "Yandex Maps" bad word with the letter "g" will understand). Go!

"Cave School Dunchzhun" and budgetary vicissitudes

In China, the issues of primary education young Chinese are very responsible, but state budget constraints yet still has not been canceled. Clearly this issue ostrosotsialnye illustrates an example of a small village of Miao in Guizhou China's poorest provinces, whose inhabitants for several decades could not dislodge the state money for construction of the village school.

In 1984, The local inhabitants finally lost all hope of winning the budget wars and decided to take matters into their own hands. A primary school for children from the village of Miao was decided to open directly into the nearest cave. Hard-working Chinese people built under the ground something like a conventional classrooms with desks and boards, and in the best of times Cave Dunchzhun school took in its embrace of 186 children who were taught the brains of eight local village teachers.

However, officials in Guizhou as an inventive and ingenious solution not appreciated at its true worth. 23 years after the opening of the cave schools, authorities officially closed Dunchzhun, arguing the fact that "the Chinese - is proud civilized people, not a bunch of some sort of cave men." However, what is most interesting, the money for the construction of a new building, "the caveman" from Miao still not given. So what? The budget is not elastic.

"School Trabaho Ya" and the ancient art of prostitution

Spain is one of the few countries in the world where prostitution is completely legal, and today there are between 200 000 and 400 000 hot Spanish girls oldest profession. In general, in this situation there is absolutely nothing surprising about the fact that some enterprising guys in Valencia decided to discover there the moths special school called "Trabajo Ya", which roughly translates into Russian as "work today!".

The founders of the school of promise for a modest fee of 100 euros "to introduce his players with all the subtleties of the oldest crafts in the strictest confidence and with a guaranteed job placement for students of both sexes." Well, in general, you understand, it is utter trash.

The course program includes "a brief history of prostitution", "basics of working with sex toys" and "two-hour workshops with a final exam." By the way, despite all the protests of conservative Spaniards, local authorities and have not seen in the "Trabajo Ya" nothing wrong, and a school for prostitutes continues to operate successfully until today.

"Elementary School Eybo" and visions of doomsday

Initial Eybo school was opened in the US at the height of the Cold War, when the dark thoughts of millions of Americans inevitably revolved around the horror of radioactive nuclear doomsday. That is why the primary school in the town of Artesia, New Mexico, near which was located a refinery, several military bases and missile ranges, it was decided to build on the principle of the present air-raid shelters.

All school facilities are completely underground, and that the children were not so sad, on the roof of the bunker small playground. Three enter "Eybo" were firmly closed tight explosion-proof steel doors weighing 800 kilograms each, in the vestibule there were special decontamination chamber, and the building was designed to withstand a blast capacity of 20 megatons, and reliably protect people who had taken refuge inside from the deadly effects of radiation.

In addition to regular classrooms, dining and assembly halls in the school had its own mortuary, generator, autonomous ventilation system and an impressive supply of food, drinking water and medicine. Most interesting is that, despite the apparent similarity of the hopper "of Fallout ', students' Eybo" did not even know that every morning, come to class in a bomb shelter.

By the greatest happiness for the whole world, to urgently seek shelter from a nuclear explosion residents Artenzii never had, and until 1995 "Eybo" functioned as an ordinary primary school, after which it was officially closed due to too high costs hopper content.