How to avoid mistakes while traveling

• How to avoid mistakes while traveling

If you love to travel, you will probably have its own summary of the rules to save money while traveling. But if the first place that you are looking for at the airport, this currency exchange or a taxi, you should check out our list of the main mistakes made by people while traveling. This will help you save more money, you can spend the next exciting adventure.

How to avoid mistakes while traveling How to avoid mistakes while traveling

1. The exchange of money.

Yes that's right. Your bank card carries the best currency exchange rates, so avoid wearing a lot of cash. Pay with a card or withdraw cash from an ATM when it is needed.

How to avoid mistakes while traveling

2. Travel during the day.

Night - it's bedtime. But what if you can sleep and to save money for overnight stay? Boarding a night train or bus, you can get where you need to save and budget.

How to avoid mistakes while traveling

3. Rule 6 quarters.

The food is usually twice as expensive and twice serving less than 6 blocks from the popular tourist destination. Get away from the crowded tourist attractions to enjoy something more authentic for a lower price. Local street food markets are always the best option.

How to avoid mistakes while traveling

4. Ignoring sharing.

You've probably heard about the services sharing the house, such as Couchsurfing, but there are also applications for food sharing, such as BlaBlaCar, which will help you find the locals and other travelers who travel to the same destination as you.

How to avoid mistakes while traveling

5. Book in advance.

Early booking is likely to work if you have a strict schedule, which you need to adhere to. Otherwise, it makes sense to avoid booking in advance as possible. This will allow you to stay in a place that you like longer, and probably you will get a discount from the hotel. And if you really want to leave the place before, you do not have to pay a penalty.

6. run into pickpockets.

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home, without documents, credit cards or phones. Avoid wearing expensive designer clothes and bags if you do not want to attract pickpockets. Share your valuable things to different bags, leave something in the hotel safe, consider buying a special belt for money, and always watch your property.