Interesting facts about the police cars

• Interesting facts about the police vehicles

Interesting facts about the police cars

Hot facts about police cars.

Some time ago, police cars were full of secrets. This mode of transport was almost steeped in myths and legends. Special cars have come a long way of development, and today they are no longer anything secret. Nevertheless, it remains quite interesting, but not very popular facts about them.

1. "Elektrokop"

Interesting facts about the police cars

The first police car was so.

Today, it's hard to believe, but one of the first police cars were electric cars. We used his police Akron, Ohio. The car was delivered to them in 1899. The device works on two 4-horsepower engine. Maximum travel speed of the machine is 25 km / h. It was enough to catch drunks. Actually for that the first police car and used.

2. The hero of street fights

Interesting facts about the police cars

This legend nuarny era.

Thanks to its technical characteristics of the car Ford Model B can be considered as the first full-fledged interceptor. Car appeared in 1932 and went to the 3.6-liter V8 engine. Subsequently, there was a huge variety of the most daring variations of the car. It is also noteworthy that the Model B fell in love with both police and gangsters of the time.

3. Oil-punishment in the name of the law

Interesting facts about the police cars

Hipsters on the custody order.

Compact AMC Javelins really stood on the police service in 1971. He was equipped with a 6.6-liter V8 engine. The machine is used for routine patrol in Alabama. In this tradition of using muscle cars has not ended. Subsequently, the police began to take on the service of Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, which were carried out in special versions.

4. Kevlar doors legends

Interesting facts about the police cars

All to protect the crew.

Car Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor, is perhaps one of the most popular American police interceptor. It is interesting that the car is not the fastest or most powerful in the Police Park. Structurally, it is much closer to the truck or SUV than for passenger cars. The machine is made at a very powerful frame. But most importantly - Crown Victoria incredibly cheap! At the same time there is an interesting features, such as Kevlar lining in the doors. This is to ensure that the police could use the door as a shield during a shootout.

5. Do not hijack a

Interesting facts about the police cars

The machine is a trick.

In the movie, police cars are often stolen. In fact, this fairy tale. The modern police cars are equipped with runlock system. Gone such a machine can be used only if the thief has the key from her. In all other situations, the car just stop the engine when you try to pull away.