"The nightmare and horror in schools", or which schools are famous for the abundance of various ghosts and supernatural forces? Part 2

Well, one of us is a child like school? Endless lessons boring subjects pristavuchie teachers nauseating stolovskaya food - it's all catching up with not just a terrible depression, but also disappointment for nothing at the desk prosizhennye years. But because we thought then.

In fact, each of us can breathe today, because, yes, our schools were at times "prison", but, despite this, they were not ghosts. So, in the continuation of the first part of this article we will tell you more about some schools in which settled something supernatural.

High School West

Even the most skeptical teacher was forced to admit that in High School West in Anchorage, Alaska, there was something strange, when most of the students and teachers at once began to talk about a ghost, or to be more precise, on the Lady in white. This spirit is often noticed behind the scenes of the assembly hall or in different parts of the school. Lady in white, according to eyewitnesses, likes to walk in school corridors and hides in a basement.

One student, assistant director of the school theater, once seen as the girl opened the door of the auditorium during a closed rehearsal. He immediately rushed to the ghost, but as soon as he ran to the door, Lady in white vanished into thin air. Even the security guard saw something white, lightning runs past him. Another ghost that does not seem to want to leave the territory of the institution - it died long ago a local janitor.

People reported that they saw a man sweeping the school lobby, at the time when there should not be any. Other witnesses claimed to have heard footsteps in different parts of the school and saw the flashing lights on the floors. They could turn on and off by themselves.

Elementary School Mgodzhane

The teacher in elementary school Mgodzhane in Swaziland in 2013, refused to return to their workplace, saying that the evil spirits attacked her there. Another teacher was not able to carry more than a lesson in class, because I did not feel in the school's office safe. Thulani Dlamini said that one of his colleagues shouted, that the four tall man tried to strangle him. They entered the classroom when the teacher had to take a test works, and attacked him. Their bodies were transparent, but the strength of their hands was real. Students in the elementary school also suffered a terrible fate in the form of ghosts.

Once the three girls went to the bathroom. The two went into the toilet stall, and the third was left waiting for them at the door. At some point, all three heard a terrible scream, and then a strange voice called out that they released a toilet. The girls realized that the voice goes straight from the bowl. He grew louder and louder, and then the three girlfriends flew out of the washroom. Parents and teachers reacted to the story of girls skeptical, and some openly asked teachers not to write fairy tales. However, shortly after this incident, other children of the lower grades reported that, too, heard the voice out of the toilet.

High school Yanagawa

In the incident, which began as a mass hysteria, 27 girls fainted in high school in Japan Yanagawa, seeing "a vengeful spirit" in 2014. Once one girl began to scream with horror that paralyzed her, and she can not move. After that, the same symptoms of "sick" several girls. We ran to the cries of the students from other classes in order to understand what is happening. The madness lasted a couple of hours, and teachers together with the students began to suspect that the bodies of the girls mastered the headless ghost of Prince.

Girls shouting "Kill me!" Or "Die!", The door classrooms went shaking, moving objects and so on. Some believe that the headless ghost of Prince wanders near the mountains. Ghost somehow was able to move into one of the girls, when she was in the wrong place on the tour. In this way, according to the teachers, the spirit of his way to school.

Cleveland High School

The woman who filmed his nephew playing in the school playground in the middle of Cleveland School, Texas, was scared when she saw that she had turned to shoot on the phone. A guy two people were captured in the background, which definitely was not there at the time of photographing. Judging by a picture, the couple was dressed in clothes from the 1970s. In addition, their bodies were translucent. The man in the photograph was flared to the bottom of his trousers, a dark brown shirt and a light jacket.

The woman stood behind it, so clearly see in what clothes she was, unfortunately, it failed. The woman who took the picture, named Marcella Davis said she did not even notice the fact that the photo is someone other than her nephew as her own daughter did not show her the two ghosts. When Marcella was asked whether she used any application, to change or edit the photos received, it is said, that does not even know how these applications work. Photos have been tested, and found that they are authentic.