"You bastard, she and Africa bastard!", Or how to quickly identify a specimen at a glance, and how to communicate with these the only ones?

All we sometimes met in my life "interesting" individuals of a species homo sapiens, which could have been earned dubbed "homo svolochus". That happens. That's life, and nothing can be done with it, absolutely as well as with others.

But what do you do if you got in your way is the most that neither is on, "svolochnaya bastard"? And, no, it is not a tautology, but true. Bastards in this world enough, so you need to arm themselves with knowledge about how to deal with them, and what to do if we still has managed to engage with them in dialogue / relationship / squabble and so on.

The Phantom bastard

The Phantom bastard - is the type of person who initially pretends cute lamb, and actually builds a plan in your head of how you scheme against at work, how to arrange a small Destro in your mind, or just drop your self-esteem. And this is done so by accident. You seem to know what to expect from this man is worth nothing bad, because basically it is just a darling, but on the other hand you know that something is wrong.

Darling would not teasing you and beat on a patient accidentally spoil the mood and humiliate. If you meet with an individual, then you can safely say that in front of you the purest breed hidden scum, which does not care about you, a good attitude to you and basically on all but a favorite. In most cases, these people have one installation - to please everyone, but it is unlikely someone can please him. Attract such people, only those who benefit from them.

So, what do you do if you stuck a hidden bastard. First of all, you must immediately arrange personal boundaries. You can chat with him or her on some general issues, but the topic of privacy, as well as the scope of work does not affect the cost. If you do fall for the bait of bastards, and she could have you pick something offensive, then from now on you must entirely stop communicating. Remember, this is for your own good.

Open bastard

Open bastard - it's the people who do not care at all with a high bell tower, and it expresses it whenever he wants it. This type loves to humiliate people deliberately and does it with pleasure. The feeling of ecstasy such a person does not receive from the ejection process of bile on someone, and how the victim reacts to it. Basically open bastards male clinging to the women, but also a strong gender they are not insured. If you understand that before you open the bastard, then, first of all, you must understand what you want, and want to do something you really will.

Do not enter into a squabble with such people. Constructive they did not perceive, because, actually, there is only their opinion and nothing more. The maximum that you can get in this situation, so it is that you will pass the nerves. It is always difficult not to react to certain people, but in the case of open bastard, you must be on the alert, and as little as possible to show that you respond to her challenge. These people are just waiting that you will begin to actively resist, but if you yourself made clear that no reasonable arguments do not play any special role, then the bud stop the conversation and any contact.

How to talk to people like that?

First of all, it should be noted that to some extent we all happen are bastards, but professional bastards humiliate and insult people with enviable regularity. If you doubt that you are near such a person, you should ask for the help of someone from the outside to the assessed whether near you bastard, or is it your cockroaches. In most cases, evaluation by playing an important role. If you constantly feel that you are around some scoundrels gathered, then there is a problem in you. Treat people the same as you would like them to treat you.

So how do you talk to these individuals? First of all, we should feel sorry for this man. Yes, maybe it's strange, but the way it is. Professional scum - very notorious people, so to somehow maintain their miserable existence, they snap at others. Try not to take everything said in your address to heart, because it is a good chance, eventually, get a bunch of complexes and neuroses in the bargain. Try to perceive such a person as a clown who wants all his dirty tricks just to raise their self-esteem at the expense of you, but he did not, and you just funny. But keep your emotions to yourself, otherwise it can play with you a malicious joke. Remember, professional scum very creative. Try to ignore the situation and of the man himself. If you are in a room with a bastard, then otsyadte from it as far as possible. No violent emotions, and also do not react to her defiance. Completely stop communicating with such people is quite possible. If a professional a bastard you met at work, do not suffer this. Try to unite with their colleagues and talk about the employee's superiors. Do not think that nothing will change, and all that bad. Remember that only you can defend their rights and their personal space. If you do not like a person, remove it from your life.