"Krasny Liman arrived so at the wrong time ... but you have no idea, how do you want!". Broken down into the question of sex in the critical days

Yes, the theme is very meticulous, so all impressionable, please do not delve into its depths, and occupy yourself with something else. So, as has been said in the title, the subject of this article will be about sex during menstruation. Virtually all arises in the mind the desire to give passion in a very inopportune time, namely during menstruation. And no need to dissemble, thoughts are visited almost all.

Yes, at times when the urge very strongly, does not remain nothing, but to try to satisfy herself, but what to do when next to you is your partner, and you are drawn to it like a magnet, even in spite of the such a small detail as monthly? Today we decided to tell you about whether or not as safe and "drayvovye" to have sex during menstruation. So, this information will be relevant for both adults and adolescents.

What should I know about the critical days?

Well, first of all, you need to clearly understand that the monthly - is a highly individual process, which at times, to be exact, in most cases, the painful and unpleasant. Optimal cycle - 3 or 4 days, but then again, all individually. Some periods may go 5-7 days, and it is quite normal. Of course, it does not hurt to be checked by a gynecologist if the pain suddenly lower abdomen during this period do not give rest. In principle, every girl must undergo regular medical examination by a gynecologist. This will help avoid many of the problems that are associated with sexual activity.

It is necessary to remember that the month - it is an integral part of every girl's life, and without them nowhere. Therefore, no matter how you try, the monthly "miracle" awaits you. Do not despair, hormones will also ride, and because of this there are frequent changes of mood, desire to eat constantly, and in some cases sexual arousal. Dear men, who have decided to read this article, that's just imagine what it's like when you want to simultaneously have various goodies, watch or listen to rock melodrama and Plus have sex. Terrified? In-in. We, too.

Monthly sex is not a hindrance?

And here we have to disappoint you. Sex during menstruation can actually harm your health. Even if you are an ardent fan of such extreme sexual merrymaking, to remember once and for all during menstruation mucosa your genitals is very vulnerable to a variety of germs and infections, and it is likely that women's health can suffer. So, go to the main part. Why did during menstruation can get an infection and inflammation instead of orgasm? All, in fact, very simple. During the critical days of the uterus is revealed, and all the "bad" bacteria directly with menstrual blood without any problems get on the mucous than cause inflammation. this happens mostly in ordinary days.

Among other things, many doctors do not recommend the men to have sex with a girl who has the critical days. According to them, the young man can get problems with his sexual organ, which will be caused by harmful bacteria. Probably for a long time in your head I sat down to the question of why not to use a condom? So, let's discuss this option. It is logical to assume that the condom will save us from all ills, but always there is one little "but". Intercourse during menstruation, even if the "friend" of your beloved boyfriend is in body armor, it will block the normal flow of menstrual blood, and back-and-forth motions of "kid" on the contrary will push it inside, what can bring a woman even more problems.

A good and hot sex cure abdominal pain

This is another complete nonsense, which are stuffed with all the girls, who are not lazy. Purely I wondered if the one who hurts the abdomen, would prefer to have sex than to drink an anesthetic? Even if your girlfriend you buzz all ears that sex helps to reduce the pain, you do not dare to try it for yourself. First of all, it should be said that the lower abdominal pain during menstruation - this is a normal physiological process. It occurs vasoconstriction, and blood can not normally withdraw from what she feels discomfort in the abdomen.

Get rid of the pain can help the most common analgesic tablet, not your partner's penis, which will be connected with your stamen over the n-th number of times, from which, by the way, you will only get worse. Pain during menstruation are different. Some can lie down for an hour the other, and everything will go, while others suffer nausea, dizziness and so on. And just imagine what a clever man will have sex when the girl pulls kiss with another flange (which, incidentally, can be you)?

And finally ...

Dear girls, we hope to have realized that sex during menstruation, to put it mildly, not worth it. And yes, the "fly" during this sex can be. So do not think that the "red calendar days" - is a universal contraceptive.