Bad habits that interfere with restful sleep

Bad habits that interfere with restful sleep

From the quality of sleep depends on everything: your health, appearance, intelligence and mood. If you're sleeping enough, but sleep still can not even possibly harmful matter "bedding habits", from which you should immediately get rid of.

In your bedroom is too hot in

Due to the rise in temperature on the street and heating included in the maximum in your apartment is now so hot that it can easily lead to lack of sleep. According to scientists, the optimum temperature for the bedroom - not more than 20 degrees: in a "microclimate" your body will relax, and sleep will be strong and calm. However, look do not overdo it: do not sleep with the windows wide open, it will be enough just to ventilate the room well before bedtime.

You go to bed with a full stomach

To be honest, we all love to eat something tasty watching TV shows before going to bed. However, night snack - a bad idea, not only for your figure, but also for the quality of sleep: they can cause indigestion and heartburn, which is clearly not contribute to sound sleep. In addition, studies have shown that those who like to have a meal before going to bed, often having nightmares.

You sleep with gadgets next to the bed

... or even in the bed. Make it a rule in any case do not take phone or tablet to bed, otherwise unfinished correspondence and persistent notification will not let you rest until the morning. Included laptop or TV also will not make your sleep quietly, the glow of the screen will irritate your brain even in a dream.

Bad habits that interfere with restful sleep

You do not fit cushion

Cozy, soft pillow can sometimes cause snoring, degenerative disc disease, or asthma exacerbations. To avoid these problems, choose a cushion height from 5 to 9 cm. The ideal situation for a sound sleep becomes an ergonomic pillow, repeating the natural curves of the body and removes the load from the neck and shoulder muscles.

You did not comply with the

If the day before yesterday you stayed on for serials to 2 am yesterday, went to bed at 11, and at the weekend plan to have fun in full, refusing to sleep at all, then your body will soon exactly fails: he stops just know when you wake up in the future. Do not make yourself and your body to the additional stress: try to go to bed at the same time, and in the morning you will feel not broken, and really relaxed.

You do not sleep in the dark

Another reason why you're not getting enough sleep can be a constant presence of light in your bedroom. And it may not necessarily be a lamp or TV directly in your room, but the night lights outside the window. To create favorable conditions for quality sleep and just make the room more comfortable owning a black-out curtains. If this is not your option - use special masks for sleep.

Bad habits that interfere with restful sleep

You sleep in a synthetic underwear

Moreover, this applies not only to your nightgown, but also of the bed linen. Products made of satin look nice, but this material interferes with normal thermoregulation, delaying the heat, but also can become a cause of increased night sweating and restless sleep. When choosing a bed set or pajamas, first of all pay attention to the items of linen or cotton.