Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

While the world knew nothing about George Clooney and Russell Crowe, was his sex symbols in the Soviet space. And we must pay tribute, some of them still can bring to mind a girl's heart. Whom sighed our mothers, when they were still quite young?

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Ivars Kalnins

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Glory of the whole country Ivar brought the role of a young lover, a middle-aged diva - Tom Fennell in "Theater", loosely based on the novel by Somerset Maugham. The film was released in 1978, followed by Ivars Kalnins career thrived, and young fans hearts were given only to him - handsome, talented and charismatic. Now the actor of Latvian origin are still removed, but in the domestic TV series.

Where can I see? "Do not shoot in white swans", "Silva" and "Winter Cherry".

Alexander Abdulov

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Alexander Abdulov - the standard of the hero-lover with sad eyes and a beautiful soul. All the girls, girls and women with surprising warmth and love belonged to the works of Alexander, dreaming of his attention. Abdulov to fame came after the film "Ordinary Miracle", and then - away we go! Each of its role has been successful, but the "star disease" did not hit in the head artist. Unfortunately, at the age of 54, Alexander Abdulov died of lung cancer.

Where can I see? The actor starred in more than 100 films, highlight anything was incredibly challenging. Nevertheless, see "Formula of Love", "Kill the Dragon", "genius" and "not Leave Your Lovers".

Andrei Mironov

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

The Incredible Beauty Andrei Mironov could charm any girl of the Soviet Union. And even now, looking at pictures of his youth, we sadly sigh: What a handsome man! At the same time Mironov really had the talent to challenge that does not take no critic. By the way, the country could never know about the existence of the actor Mironov: a child wanted to be a footballer Andrei and even seriously involved in sports. Although ... Maybe we would have learned about the beautiful football? Who knows…

Where can I see? Of course, "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines", "Diamond Hand", "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" and "Three plus two".

Nikolay Eremenko

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Courageous, strong, beautiful - this was Nikolai Eremenko for his fans. After his appearance on the screens of the country's girls broke away from their men, making them highly jealous of the handsome Nicholas. However, the actor did not belong to his glory with some extraordinary enthusiasm, because he grew up in a family of actors. In 2001, the actor died after a stroke.

Where can I see? From the last role you must have seen it in the TV series "Brigada", where Eremenko played Cosmos father. And in general, "Pirates of the XX century" and "June 31".

Dmitry Kharatyan

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Blonde boy with blue eyes - oh, this image is still at the peak of popularity, and the Dmitry today is the idol of youth and secret love our mothers. Where can I see? Yes everywhere, really, "Naval Cadets, Forward!", "Secrets of Palace Revolutions", "Draw", "Hearts of Three" and "The Green Van" - choose to your taste! Kharatyan always good.

Oleg Menshikov

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

If the "Pokrovsky Gates" Menshikov still had a few years to stand out on the glory of Olympus, after it was opened for the paradise he has: any role, if he so wished, certainly provided it. But what to say, Menshikov still enjoys the respect and love of the audience.

Where can I see? "Pokrovsky Gates," "The Barber of Siberia", "Burnt by the Sun" and "The Legend number 17".

Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Take care of our hearts, Viacheslav! The actor, in whose name the float in memory of his brilliant role - Stirlitz, Bolkonsky, Pechorin, Ivan Ivanov - any film with his participation became if not a cult, then be sure your favorite people.

Where can I see? "White Bim Black Ear", "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "War and Peace", "Hero of Our Time", "live to see Monday" and "My heart beats again ...".

Oleg Yankovsky

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Our personal, domestic Captivating Star of Happiness - Oleg Yankovsky. His eyes immediately attracted the attention of all women in the country, and along with leading directors - they invited him to a major role to ensure the success of the picture.

Where can I see? Admire the talent and beauty of Oleg Jankowski can be in the film "That Munchhausen", "Nostalgia", "Anna Karenina," "Come Look at Me," "Love at his own request", "a hunting accident."

Basil Lanoviy

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

The main domestic Don Juan in life is quite the nice and exemplary family man, that really was maddening Soviet women. As well, young, beautiful, talented - and this good ?! About his personal life has been known for a little, as Vasyl rarely confided to reporters.

Where can I see? "Antony and Cleopatra", "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace", "The Strange Woman".

Igor Starygin

Sex Symbols of the Soviet cinema

Fame Igor Starygin brought Bones Batishcheva role in the film "We'll Live Till Monday", where he co-starred with Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the role of junior adjutant to His Excellency of a five Mickey in the film "The adjutant of his excellency" and the role of Aramis in the film "d'Artagnan and three Musketeers".

Where can I see? "We'll Live Till Monday", "first single" and "Red and Black".