Curiosities pm "Oscar 2018"

• Curiosities pm "Oscar 2018"

The award "Oscar" came to an end. Summing up, we have gathered all the main points, curiosities and scandals, which will be remembered for the ceremony.

Jennifer Lawrence furor

Curiosities pm

Star of "The Hunger Games" has twice differed on "Oscar": in 2013, she fell when climbing onto the stage for his "Oscar", and the next year, tripped on the red carpet. This time, the actress once again surprised the guests with its immediacy: entering the hall of the theater "Dolby", Jennifer first went to greet colleagues and then, in order to save time, I did not get room in search of his place, and chat with a glass of wine in hand began to climb over the seat rows.

EXIT on the red carpet Andre DEI

Curiosities pm

The singer Andra Day stood out on the red carpet, but do not dress (for her prize chose Zac Posen dress from the spring-summer collection). Before the photographer Andrew decided to pose reclining.

jump Ansel Elgort

Curiosities pm

Surprised and photographers Ansel Elgort, known for the films "The Kid on Drive", "Divergent" and "Fault in Our Stars." According to the level of immediacy Elgort may well compete with Jennifer Lawrence: Actor decided to have fun in front of cameras and jump right on the red carpet.

GIANT hot dogs

Before the announcement of the winner in the nomination "The best short documentary" Jimmy Kimmel with Gal Gadot, Lupita Nyong'o, Armie Hammer and Margot Robbie he went to a nearby movie theater. Surprise the audience the star decided not only its appearance but also the giant hot dogs, as well as jokes about vegetarians.

The Amphibian Man from the "form of water" among the guests of

Curiosities pm

A member of the film crew of the film by Guillermo del Toro's "Water Form" has decided to support the director and appeared at the ceremony wearing a mask Amphibian Man out of the picture than a little scared the other guests premium.